1982 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300SD 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


Drive for free - forever


Automatic transmission rebuilt at 210,000.

General Comments:

Turbo is a bit noisy at highway speeds, but the car is extremely comfortable, and handles like a sports car on windy mountain roads.

It has been modified with a vegetable fuel system from greasecar.com, enabling 90% plus of driving on free waste cooking oil widely available from restaurants, so operating costs are negligible.

The diesel engine never needs service or tune-ups, and it is exempt from SMOG regulations.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

1982 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Automatic from Australia and New Zealand


One overrated barge that is for status only, not what I would consider a luxury car


Window regulator on driver's side broke.

Seat springs broke.

Power steering box worn and leaky.

Exhaust rusted out.

Climate control failed.

Air conditioning evaporator failed.

Radiator failed.

Engine tappets worn.

CIS fuel injection worn out.

Idle control module failed.

Indicator switch failed.

Sunroof motor failed.

Seat switches failed.

Dash cracked.

Leather gone hard.

Ignition control module burnt out.

General Comments:

One big agricultural barge. Reminds me of a Valiant.

Unreliable unless you do preventative maintenance; change things when they haven't broken yet.

Seats very uncomfortable.

Underpowered for a 3.8 litre V8. Only positive to making it take off is the low down first gear.

Squeaky interior.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2009

4th Oct 2009, 10:44

So you bought one that was only good enough for the scrapyard and now you declare the S-Class W126 is an overrated barge?

9th Oct 2009, 08:51

Bearing in mind the car is an '82, that's nearly three decades on the road; things are definitely going to break. These cars are not for the faint of heart; they do need preventative maintenance and a keen ear for the car's mechanical fitness. My '84 380SE, although not perfect, is appreciated for being a well-built vehicle from a different automotive era that can still compare favourably with much newer cars. In driving a vehicle twenty years older than anyone's average vehicle, you must expect that you will be on the side of the road at least once a year with some type of breakdown.

30th Oct 2009, 09:21

I hope you realise that your car IS 27 years old!!

31st Oct 2009, 06:34

I hope you do realise that you bought a 27-year old car... In fact you bought a 27-year old car in bad shape.

14th Jun 2010, 18:45

You bought a piece of crap that should've been junked before you bought it. Mercedes manufactures a marquee auto but even a Benz can be neglected.

This is where the used auto buyer makes sure to buy something with a service history, know the previous owner or are, "well, a know it all".

I love my 30yr old diesel, but wouldn't touch one that's been dogged and neglected for 30 years. Get it?! Some folks don't know enough to know they don't know it all!

Next time buy a new Kia with a warranty if you can't turn a wrench. Likely can't appreciate the engineering laid into an old diesel Benz bucket anyway.

1982 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300SD 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


One outstanding motorized vehicle. An exemplary example thanks to the inventors of the first auto


A/C compressor. Which still uses R12.

Rear window regulators.

Power front seat switches on door panels.

Radio not working.

Crack in rear window.

Cracked side view mirror.

The previous owner "Martha", who was the original owner, had hit this car into the garage several times so there are dents everywhere, but nothing major. Just superficial stuff.

General Comments:

This car is possibly one of the best cars ever made for both urban and rural driving. The Turbo-Diesel, which is a straight 5 cylinder, lasts forever and can easily go half a million miles between overhaul.

I love the beautiful sound of its diesel engine when it is idling. I love the smell of diesel fuel in the morning.

This car looks wonderful. At this many miles. Almost everything works, including the cruise control. What is broken is the rear window regulators, a few electrical switches that are not that important, the radio, and the A/C. All of which is superficial stuff. When I bought the car, it just had a whole new transmission put in with new brakes and tires with less than 250 miles on them. What a steal for only $500 and a running Mercedes Benz that was well maintained and doesn't smoke.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2009