1993 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 400SEL 4.2L V8 from North America


When my 1993 finally goes, I will get another W140, only a 1999


Had to deal with lots of running gear issues when I bought the car; shocks, arms, broken springs, motor mounts, tires, etc. After that $2500, it has been great.

One side of the radio amp went out, so had to replace the head unit and amp, now it sounds like new.

General Comments:

Adequate power for the weight, and a bit better fuel economy than the 500 or 600 models. The 6 cylinder is too small for this car.

Ride is the best on the road, bar none. Tons of space, but in front and in back, seats are firm and comfortable and fully adjustable. No wind noise, no engine noise, no road noise. You have have a normal conversation, listen to quiet passages on the radio, or just revel in the quiet.

This was the best of the best in it's day, and up to the 2000 model year, build, quality and performance were without equal.

If you want a long distance, high speed touring car with space for 4 fully grown adults to travel in peace, style, comfort and safety, the W140 model Benz is the car you should look for.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2008

1993 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 500SEL 5.0 Liter V8 from North America


My lifetime favorite vehicle and I will never sell it!


The worst problem I've had with two "140" body "S" class vehicles I've owned (the S320 and 500SEL) is the interior section of the AC going bad (very common as I've been told). Basically, there's a condenser section mounted deep inside of the dash that needs replacement in this instance and the job is HUGELY INVASIVE AND EXPENSIVE! When my servicing MBZ dealer showed me my car, with the interior almost completely dismantled to get at this beastly coil, it was about like seeing one of my children on an operating table with his chest open! The procedure runs $4 to $5 grand and there's no way around it if you need AC (if you can't afford to remedy this unfortunate circumstance, you're driving the wrong car bro)!

The other problem I had in common with both cars was the HVAC blower motor going bad (I live in Florida where it's always on). That problem was a thousand bucks a copy.

Finally, both cars gave me trouble from the hydraulic system that closes the doors and trunk lid. That master pump runs about $1500 with parts, labor and programming!

General Comments:

The 140 body 500SEL is a beast in velvet gloves. Despite its weight and largess, the vehicle is very, very fast and agile when properly maintained.

While I own several other expensive luxury vehicles, my 500SEL, dressed black-on-black, with chromed factory rims and very tinted glass, commands some serious attention. Unfortunately, a lot of the attention in this day and age, due to the current age of this vehicle, is from law enforcement. Sadly, these vehicles have aged and depreciated to a point where almost anyone can afford one that looks good despite questionable maintenance and often poor mechanical condition. Quite frankly, as a Caucasion gentleman, I have to roll my window down and smile at interested police officers to shake them off my tail! Oh well it's worth the effort!

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Review Date: 24th November, 2007

5th Dec 2007, 09:47

Nice car and review. Too bad racial profiling can mar an otherwise fine experience. As a black gentleman I have had less than desirable encounters with overzealous cops when driving a Benz.

6th Jan 2008, 09:56

My name is Tod Meuir, and I drive a Big Body Benz as well. This car is an American if not world icon in the automotive world, since one has to but look at any depiction of events on news re: Super rich arabs in middle east, onto people like John Gotti and see them driving this car. It has been a favorite of diplomats and security details for many years due to the car being in all sense bullet proof and thoroughbred to the bone, as only a big Benz can be. This car gets me more respect and looks than anything I've ever driven, and I've had virtually every model of Benz.

11th Jun 2008, 21:22

Nice review man... I have a 1992 500SEL Mercedes, and let me tell you about it... it's great as in that's what people think.. I'm 19; I got it when I was 18 for $6,000, and I haven't put any maintenance in my car because it's so expensive.. and the fact that I've got my ASR light on will cost me hundreds to fix..

But they say "you wanted a Mercedes"

4th May 2009, 19:43

I own a 93 500 SEL, which I had for two years.

Besides putting brakes on for about 900 dollars, the car drives impeccable, and with only 104 k on the dash, the car will be around for a long while. It beats a new car payment...