1993 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300SE from North America


Wiring harness had to be replaced because insulation on wires simply cracked and fell off exposing bare wires. New harness cost over $750 to replace!!

Transmission failed at 114K miles!! I've driven Mercedes all my adult life, over 35 years, and this is the first transmission failure, but what a hassle/expense! Have yet to get it fixed. Four very intelligent shops have tried to fix it and its still kaput... It has become apparent to me that they are simply building cars too complex today. The dealers fix of replacing the transmission is now the only option. I've never been able to deal with any of Mercedes dealers down thru the years because of the outrageous cost. Just about decided to give up Mercedes altogether and get something simple and easy to repair... Something virtually any mechanic can understand and fix, including myself.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 23rd June, 2002

25th Jun 2002, 21:05

Buy a 1980's (pampered) W126 series MB - and start smiling again!

29th Nov 2002, 08:01

I have experienced transmission failure with my 380se, just after a transmission fluid change at 143K miles. The best deal I could find was with the local M B dealer, the price for factory rebuilt transmission was only $1,770. and with a two year warranty. The labor was almost another $1,000 but what a car! Don't become discouraged, more people would drive the Mercedes S class if they ever got to experience driving one!

29th May 2004, 22:24

I purchased my 1989 420SEL about 6 months ago and it is a wonderfully made car. It is my first Benz and although it has 135K miles, I have just experienced transmission failure. Well not a complete failure, more like reverse failure. I am currently looking for a 1993 S300 or S400 but I have had no success. I am going to fix the trans because the car is a pampered gem and just needs to be lovingly caressed back to health, but the MB dealer cost is prohibitive. I am looking for a reasonable alternative. Notice I did not say cheap, after all it is a Mercedes.

1st Oct 2005, 19:14

I own a 1988 MB300SE.I have AC problems, start and run problems, and other weird electrical problems...ex.wipers come on when cranking the engine and it won't start until several tries and the battery seems to be weakening. Does anyone know of a common source for these symptoms?

3rd May 2015, 10:06

"These Days"? I have to disagree. These cars were the last over-engineered vehicles Mercedes ever made; well the W124s too. Aside from wiring harness issues and the occasional transmission rebuild, they are relatively bulletproof.