2008 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S600 5.5 twin-turbo V12 from Australia and New Zealand


The best luxury car by quite some measure



General Comments:

Without doubt the best car I have ever owned.

The ride and power is unsurpassed, and the car has presence that a Lexus could never hope to match.

The power is relentless as it is smooth, it overtakes anything in its path with the utmost ease.

The car has exceeded my every expectation, and anyone that rides in it always comes back for another go.

The perfect car for any occasion, outstanding. The attention to detail is unbelievable, and the car exudes quality unlike anything else.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2009

3rd Jul 2013, 01:47

This review was written the same year the car was made, which means it should have been perfect. I wonder how the car aged? If it is anything like mine, the repairs were horrible and the owner is now looking at a Lexus LS like I am.

22nd May 2014, 01:48

I agree. Newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles start their lives well, but eventually start accumulating problems, especially with their electrical systems. They can be beasts to work on as well, leaving you with little choice but to go to the dealership. The engines themselves are reliable, but everything attached is less so. Build quality is definitely above average for a luxury car, but it isn't what it used to be; it seems Mercedes has fallen into the trance of chasing sheer volumetric sales like Cadillac did in the 1960s and 1970s.

That said, the older models were extremely well-built and reliable. I still see plenty of older Mercedes-Benz cars on the road today with no real issues.

23rd Aug 2016, 15:11

Amusing comment. I owned two M-Bs before finally giving up on the brand and switched to Lexus LS at the quiet suggestion of a M-B tech! He had looked at one carefully and thought it remarkable. I followed is recommendation and am very happy I did. My prediction is that you will love yours, too.

28th Jul 2017, 17:15

True. I was a passenger in a friend's 2011 S550 the other day. Very nice ride, but not any nicer than my 1997 S500 (128K miles) which has been flawlessly reliable for many years, although I did have to replace many of the front-end steering and suspension components around the 120K mile point.

27th Oct 2017, 08:21

Yes, same experience with my '97 S500. Fantastic car, but those front-end and steering-box replacements seem to be mandatory right around 120K.

15th Jan 2018, 05:26

Yes, same with my '97 S500 which has been fantastic otherwise. New steering box, shocks, anti-sway links, brakes, wheel bearings etc. Also had to replace the rear end struts and accumulators. Must be the weight of that car being thrown around as you waft through curves and over bumps.