15th Apr 2015, 01:35

We are talking a S class, here not a Honda Civic. You either can afford it or not. You usually trade it in for another one after 3-5 years, so what's the worry?

15th Apr 2015, 22:03

Most can't afford it if you go to the dealership. The best thing to do is find a good local mechanic who knows these cars; you'll really save money and probably even get better servicing. It's true about these cars falling apart after a while; that's one reason why some trade them after only a couple years. Good while they last, although personally I don't think they're worth their high MSRP, as they don't really offer anything major over other luxury cars out there any more.

18th Apr 2015, 03:29

I got used to $50 oil changes back in the mid 80s.

19th Apr 2015, 12:18

A dedicated driver indeed - averaging 260 km per day.

20th Apr 2015, 05:16

You think an oil change for one of these today at a dealership would be even close to the same?

9th May 2015, 16:14

The owner has stated very clearly the kilometres he has covered in this car. So I fail to understand why one should still insist on how many years he has to use it order to know the reliability of the car. Please check clearly how many kilometres indicated when the owner acquired this car and how many kilometres the car has covered. Use that to calculate reliability formula.

3rd Jul 2015, 20:37

Define reliability. I have no doubt that the engine, transmission, and other major mechanical parts will keep delivering in the long haul.

The weakness in these cars is usually the electronics, which is different and difficult to calculate reliability for in any sort of mathematical sense.

20th Sep 2015, 20:57

Wait, in 190,000 km or 120,000 miles there was only an issue with tire pressure sensor? This car was surely not build on an assembly line, but rather in a secret advanced research laboratory. Must be the most reliable vehicle that ever existed since the creation of the first steam engine car some 150 years ago.

4th Oct 2015, 16:27

Yes, I kind of find that to be a little out there. Tires, oil, brakes, spark plugs, etc. don't last that long either.

3rd Oct 2017, 17:56

Clearly there is a typing mistake, he meant 19000km, not 190000. That said, the review doesn't say much about the car. It sounds more like a review written by a passenger.