5th Aug 2003, 13:28

I have had my S320 for over 5 years now... it has 245,000 km... I think this car is built to last... I have had many cars before like Cadillac STS... Caprice... and others, they all look motorcycles in front of this car... for the past 5 years I have had no problems with it.. I had to change the fuel pump at 236,000km... Had to change the brake system at 244,000... The car still looks as good as new... if I sell it I'll make sure to get the same car but a newer model maybe... It's a great machine...

12th Oct 2005, 14:38

I agree with the comment that the 126 body style S-type Mercedes is a much better built car than the S320. I have a six cylinder 280SE circa 1981 with over 230,000 miles of reliable service which drives as well as the day I got it in 1986 with 40,000 miles on it. Then I had to get tempted with a lemon S320 1996 which not only had a leaking head gasket and transmission joints, but had to get the whole air-conditioning system rebuilt and several gauges replaced in the dash. After spending over $12,000, I gave it away free of charge to my sister last year.

1st Aug 2006, 11:14

I have been a Benz fan for years (12years) now. After I gave up my 300SD, I stumbled into my 1995 S320. The car looks like a beautiful woman with very dirty habits. I bought the car with 59K miles and its now at 85K mile.

So with under 30K miles, I have already changed:

* The entire brake system

*The reverse clutch in the transmission

*The AC is completely out

*Changed the Air flow meter (when the check engine light came on)

*The odometer panel light is out

*The Air control meter (I guess this controls how the doors close) is gone

* and so on.

These cars are a piece of junk. Mercedes needs to do a recall sooner than later. Guess what, my next car can't be a Mercedes. I am done.



18th Dec 2008, 21:22

I have owned 2 E-Class cars (1992 & 1994) & they were absolutely bullet-proof. I made the huge mistake of trading the 94 in on a black 1995 S-320 LWB! Mercedes built them to be alluring & beautiful, but nothing more. I currently have 105,000 miles on her & have already changed the following:

Head gasket

Wiring Harness

Motor Mounts & Transmission Mount

Both rear window regulators (broken again)

Numerous dash light bulbs

MAF Sensor

Rear Upper Control Arms

Transmission Rebuild

I could go on & on. I have 12,000 miles on the transmission & it's already going out again! From what I hear, these cars eat transmissions like candy, because the transmissions are too small for the weight of the car. The trans rebuild cost me $3,400! I will be cutting my losses very soon & buying another W124 E-class.

15th Oct 2010, 17:52

I am a long time Mercedes Benz owner, starting with 1960 190 convertible, 67 250 s, 1986 hammer, 91 300e, 95 S320, 97 C36.

I am reading all these negative comments about the S Class LWB; I have over 200k on this vehicle, and drive daily and on long cross country trips, and this thing has been nothing but reliable!!!

Yes, there are typical wear issues, but that's because today's cars are built to have wear related parts. These days, that is how they make their money; they basically sell the cars for little margins, and get you on the parts.

Yes, I have the head gasket that leaks oil, the slow response reverse gear, and bulbs burned out in the dash and accessory buttons, yet the car starts every day, and goes and goes and goes.

I have been driving with the leaking head gasket for 4 years now, and there is a little oil in the coolant, but this car is a tank. I drive it at approx 80-85 mph every day, and it runs just as strong as it did when it was new.

Wake up people, they are machines with parts that need to be replaced at times. If you can't afford to maintain it, you probably shouldn't have bought it!!! Go get a Toyota and see where that gets you? If you're lucky, not seriously hurt, or worse yet, dead.

27th Oct 2010, 03:55

I bought my W140 Long Wheelbase used with 80K MI. It now has 185k MI.

Yes, I have replaced the ball joints (it is a heavy car), wiring harness (it is an old car), and reverse went out at 170K, which I had fixed for $1000.00 dollars. What do you expect to drive a comfortable classy performance luxury car for, peanuts? Get real, you want economy, buy a boring Mazda. You want a full size car that gives you a driving experience, buy an S Class.

4th Mar 2011, 22:44

Bought my 95 S320 2 years ago for the price of a used Taurus. Had 2 previous adult owners, and was in pristine condition with 88K miles. Now has 111K miles. This vehicle has been a real joy to own. Plenty of power, smooth and quiet, and gets 21 mpg highway. Based on my experience, I would not discourage others from purchasing this vehicle.

14th Feb 2012, 05:49

I own a 1995 S320 imported from Japan. The year is 2012, and I can't believe this is a 17 year old car! The interior black leather is as good as new, still smells new.

My car didn't come with soft closing door/boot, but I don't really need them, as they're just extra things to fail in time. All electrics work, even the rear blinds, the only thing that is not working is the front head rest adjust; the pulley cog had worn out, no biggy. The car starts first time and sounds great!

She has parking antlers at rear that pop up upon reverse too. I think they removed it after 1995, and had parking assist sensors instead.

I paid $8000 NZD for her, and feel she is worth every penny. Had the radiator flushed and conditioned, air filter replaced & air con re-gassed; that cost me $600 NZD total. These are just regular maintenance, and a reasonable price to pay for a luxury car! I feel like the king of the road when I drive her around town. Family members are loving the ride too.

Certainly a well looked after car, and I hope to have years of trouble free motoring in this. Definitely the highlight of my motoring experience!