13th Aug 2006, 09:03

I agree with the first comment partly. Lexus is definitely becoming the industry quality leader. Their slogan,'the relentless pursuit of perfection', is not just a slogan, and the top names of the luxury segment in the industry are feeling the heat, there is no doubt about that. So does the owners of these top luxury cars. But after all, a Mercedes remains a Mercedes, its reputation hasn't been built in a day hence won't be lost in a day. This gives ample time for Mercedes to improve their quality and I am sure they are bound to change the rhetoric, 'high luxury, high maintenance'.

12th Oct 2006, 08:51

I must say that comparing a Lexus to an S500 is just not right. Lexus is a brand that is fast capturing market share, but really, its not at the same level as BMW and Mercedes yet. I think in terms of quality Audi far outshines Lexus.

True, Mercedes quality has decreased significantly, especially compared to BMW, who have increased their quality tremendously, but for the flagship Mercedes models such as the AMG models, SL, CL and S class and even the CLK, the quality is still first rate and second to none.

Anyway, that's my opinion - now to find something else better to do..


12th Nov 2006, 00:42

I guess if both the flagship Lexus and S - class were the same price with compatible equipment, then I would go with Benz. Otherwise, as it is, with the difference in price, I will go with Lexus. On the other hand, if E - class was compared with LS model, I would definitely take the LS.

30th Nov 2006, 05:57

This is a message for the Lexus fanboys.

Go get the Car & Driver Magazine, December 2006 with the Top Luxury Sedans comparison test.

Check out where your beloved "all new brilliant" Lexus LS placed...

10th Feb 2007, 00:13

Flagship Mercedes vehicles were never really affected by the cost cutting method of the 90's. It was always the cheaper things that were hit the hardest and are what brought Mercedes down. The S-class is still as over engineered as they have always been, and the luxury is astounding.

10th Feb 2007, 11:55

Unfortunately that is not the case. There was a high profile lawsuit over an S - Class in which the person won the price of the car plus damages because the reliability was so horrific. The car was a 2001 model, and there were many other such instances.

The S Class - was squeezed on two sides - cost cutting combined with the need to add "excessive" features.

12th Feb 2007, 20:01

I fear that the previous post is right. In 1992 when the last S class came out The MSRP of a 1992 S 500 was $93,850 American dollars. The new 2000 S 500 MSRP was $78,495. That is over a $15,000 reduction not counting inflation. To compare that I'll Give you the prices of a Cadillac and a Lincoln, two car companies that stayed with the inflation curve. In 1992 a Caddy or Lincoln cost roughly $32,000, in 2000 they cost $40,000. The S class went from costing the price of almost three Caddies to costing less than two. Not to mention the fact that 92's options like Ads, heated seats, and a moon roof, became standard plus a host of new things like navigation and a dozen more air bags. Given these facts ( you can check them) we must therefor conclude that some serious cost cutting was done, or that Mercedes decided they would make forty grand less with each car. Not likely.

5th Jul 2007, 20:41

I don't really agree with the above comment. My dad bought his 91 560sel for $60k, and the price didn't go up almost $30K in one year.

And even if there was some cost cutting, technologies like heated seats have become more common, meaning it's much much cheaper to produce now than in 92.

However, I do agree that quality has gone down in Mercedes, even the S-Classes. I know two people who have S500s; one had an engine failure, and the other had many accessories break. The S500 badging began to fall off letter by letter, and the cup holders broke after one month.

19th Jul 2007, 18:31

Please tell me... what other large, rear-wheel V8, with 8 speed tranny does Toyota produce?

If the Lexus LS is a rebadged Toyota, then an Audi A8 must be a souped up Jetta.

28th May 2008, 12:29

Well said and good luck with your S500. Thank you for the follow-up to your review.