8th Mar 2009, 00:14

Just another update, almost 4 years after buying the car, it's still an amazing machine with about 75,000km on it.

A few little issues have come up but were fixed under the third part warranty. These including a worn check strap for the driver's door, front end bushing and a small oil leak (can't remember the details).

Overall, still a highly recommended car.

19th Jun 2009, 09:21

Just purchased a late 1999 S 500 long wheel base. I bought it privately so a few items don't work.

Mirrors don't fold in when doors are locked, but they do fold when using the button from the inside.

The keyless entry doesn't work when locking the doors with the small button next to the door handle.

The car is awesome to look at and drive, looks great in dark blue with 18" alloys. Loads of room in the rear. It has a presence that few other cars do, less vulgar and more exclusive than a BMW.

It oozes class and quality like only a big Merc can. Love it!

16th Jul 2009, 22:30

I am in the process of purchasing an S500 low mileage. I love the car, and respect the engineering behind it. I have been looking all over the internet for clean and low mileage one, and found just a couple around the area where I live. A bit pricey, still contemplating and hesitant..

Do you know where to find an S500 1999? tried eBay, cars.com, Autotrader, limited number. 2 listings, the ones I am still not sure about. Anywhere other than the internet?

I envy you for having the S500 in your garage.

20th Nov 2010, 00:51

I just purchased a 1999 MBZ S 500 Grand Edition. This is quite a machine. Last year, 100% German made. Only 600 of this edition created as a farewell to the W- 140 production line. Obsidian Black on tan interior. Dark hazed to a green (with age) wood trim throughout. Lighted Mercedes door sills on all four.

The V-8 really pulls in the higher RPM's and sails at high speeds. But, this 2 ton plus vehicle is more enjoyable to ease on the pedal. The transmission is smoooth. The Bose sound system is amazing from classical to jazz to hip-hop. Every seat is first class and safely protected with a high safety rating. It's all there and more, but those of you that do know, know.

25th Nov 2010, 04:35

No offense, but I am disappointed by the fact that Mercedes allow their cars to be used by cab/taxi companies. I fly a lot to Amsterdam for my job. Every time at Schiphol airport, I took a taxi. In most cases, it is a Mercedes.

Last month, I was in a Mercedes driven by a friend and I found myself instinctively searching for the taximeter!

For a long time, Mercedes brand was associated with success and achievement. Over used as taxis, they lose some of their shine.

7th Jul 2016, 14:28

I have it from 2 different sources that the antenna is there only to device the cell phone that has been rendered useless. In fact, as soon as I find a suitable solution to the hole, and I may simply disconnect it in the down position, I will be disabling mine as I find that it dates the car in a non attractive way.

8th Jul 2016, 08:54

Why are you offended by Mercedes being a taxi? Mercedeses were expensive because they WERE built to be very durable - there is a cost to building something properly. They suited the purpose, so regardless of price, they were bought for that and serve the buyers well. You will have noticed many of those Mercs had cloth seats, possibly manual windows, hubcaps... because that is all that was needed. You can be whisked at 200 km/h in a Mercedes with cloth trim, hubcaps and solid cream paint the same as one fitted with leather, alloys and an electric sunroof. They were marketed as luxury cars elsewhere because they were more expensive than other alternatives (like in America). It's how it's marketed. Mercedes trucks are used to haul logs in places like Africa or South America; no-one outside, say, North America, bats an eyelid on a Mercedes delivery van. Mercedeses were like Maytag washers used to be - very good and dearer, but they were bought because they were good. Just like a Maytag wasn't out of place in a one-bedroom apartment vs. a 6-bedroom mansion, the proper Mercedeses were bought blindly because they were "engineered like no other car in the world." Note - I have written most of this in the past tense.

8th Jul 2016, 10:35

I am sure you can find a black rubber plug for the hole. I have seen late model Police vehicles with plugs in their roof.