28th Dec 2006, 17:03

Wonderful review!

Now, if only mercedes had put this much time and effort into their new ML series, they would be at the top of their game...

29th Dec 2006, 22:57

This is a beautiful car, and I wish I would have had the money to buy my wife this car, instead of that rubbish ML SUV.

10th Feb 2007, 02:17

"Blown" is a colloquialism for supercharging or turbocharging, although President Clinton might be able to offer an alternative definition.

This review is so well written and so pleasurable to read that the author could teach most motoring writers a thing or two.

The comment about the price in the USA as being about 200,000 dollars is interesting as 140,000 pounds is equivalent to almost 280,000 dollars, so (at 200,000) you're getting a bargain.

Gas prices in Mobile, Alabama are around $2-05/US gallon right now.

I don't quite follow the argument regarding a Ferrari or Maserati. If you want a reliable, refined, properly developed, high performance 4-door, 4-seater sedan, there's no better car than an AMG Mercedes.

10th Feb 2007, 11:08

Pricing is weird between Britain and America. I subscribe to Car Magazine and read the UK prices of US products and products sold here that are available in England. It's hilarious to read a $30K Chrysler 300 is suddenly $60K in England, and that a Jeep Grand Cherokee is priced relatively the same as a Range Rover - something that is a $30K+ difference in the US.

6th Mar 2007, 18:41

Thank you to the writer of the article and after reading both article and subsequent commentary by others I've concluded this is the vehicle for me, again thanks a lot.

12th May 2007, 16:50

A very good review. I don't have that much money to buy that car though!

10th Jun 2007, 18:11

A few months back I switched from a W220 S320 CDI to the W221, and had a fun-free six months wrestling with the new COMAND and coming to the sad realisation that the car was seriously, hopelessly, complicated beyond requirements. As the original reviewer here stated, the owner's manual is large and weighty enough to be used as a weapon.

Put simply, there are hundreds of features nobody ever needs, all being accessed -- in the case of UK and other RHD drivers -- with your non-dominant left hand. What's wrong with an intuitive touch-screen, like in the Lexus? I honestly can't imagine who's going to want one of these silly knob-based things ten years from now when the technology inside them is not only going wrong, but is also hilariously out of date.

Anyway, I quickly came to miss the W220 and sold my W221 after finding myself wrestling needlessly with simple functions on too many occasions. Despite being beautifully made -- what they say is true, it's like Mercedes of old -- and despite a ride quality that beats any rival, Bentley and Rolls included (though do stick with the 17-inch alloys), it's just a Media Center PC with integrated armchairs. If you have any 'car soul', it'll frustrate and bore you in equal measures.

I'm left wondering what to buy as its replacement, given that all my favourite German saloons have been smothered in a similarly pointless technology that, who knows, the manufacturers may still end up ditching...

19th Sep 2009, 09:50

When comparing prices between US and UK, I am thinking that the VAT is a factor. In US prices are before sales tax, which varies from 0 to 11% by location.

In UK the VAT is a national sales tax and included in the retail price.

Any comments on sales tax vs VAT in car price comparisons between US and UK?