1995 Mercedes-Benz SL Sl 600 6.0 litre V12 from North America


The ultimate roadster


The transmission needed work at 105000. I was told that that is a problem with the 600s because the motor has so much torque that it causes the transmission to go bad about every 100k to 150k miles. Depending on driving style. $2000.

A suspension component began leaking hydraulic fluid and had to be replaced. The cause was age. $600.

General Comments:

The hydraulic suspension is unbelievable. Under normal driving the ride is way better than my Lincoln Town Car. However when I switch to sport mode, or merely begin driving spiritedly, it handles like a true sports car.

The 4500 Lb. curb weight makes it feel as if it is glued to the road.

The engine and transmission perform seamlessly.

Up shifts and down shifts are rarely noticed unless I am watching the tack. no hesitation at all. The 389 horsepower V 12 makes this car feel like a rocket.

The interior is plush. The leather looks like new, even after 112000 miles and 11 years. no cracks or tears at all. The Bose sound system is exactly what you'd expect from Bose. The best.

My only complaint with the car is this. While it doesn't experience breakdowns very often when it does you better bring your checkbook. while the car is relatively inexpensive to purchase the shop charges the same price as a new one.

I highly recommend this car to any one looking for a convertible/roadster. Mercedes is the best. However if you are buying one I recommend that you take it to a knowledgeable Mercedes shop and have it gone through to make sure it is in tip top shape.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2006

22nd Jun 2010, 07:24

22 June 2010

Fellow Benz SL500 Owner.

Like you I really enjoy my vehicle here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since my purchase, I've only seen five of these cars on the road, mine being a 1997.

The car is a sleeper with sports car performance which seems to turn heads whereever I go. I had to do some restitching on the convertible top, and I try to avoid the dealership which is very over priced for service, as I have a great body shop and mechanic.

Everyone seems to enjoy this body style as opposed to the 2003 and up model years. The car is like a Sherman Tank, with two very different looks with the hard top! Sl500 owners, enjoy. If you plan on buying this vehicle 1995-2002, make sure you have it thoroughly inspected.

Best wishes.


12th Sep 2012, 14:37

I purchased 1995 SL500 3 years ago with 35000 miles on it. Love it. About 49000 miles now. What an auto. Not cheap to maintain, but I don't use the MB dealership now, so it's not as bad. Garage kept, summer driven, and still looks like new.

14th Sep 2012, 18:46

I had a SL Roadster, and feel I upgraded to a Corvette Convertible. Forget the hardtop; it is a bear on the Mercedes to deal with.

I agree parts are high on Mercedes; I also owned a sedan. Nice cars and solid, but the Corvette is far better to own, 1998 and up. Convertibles are great, but if you race, go with a Z06 hardtop.

28th Jul 2017, 14:14

Hardtops are a bear. I don't agree. To remove or put on with 2 people a snap - one person, forget it.