1958 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404 S M 180 from Iceland


Best fun in a wheeled vehicle possible - try one!!!


Everything in this car is built to military standards and is designed to withstand a mild nuclear explosion.

Due to its very high age, maintenance is immense, but all you have to do is to overhaul the original 1958 parts.

All spare parts are easily available.

Parts are of unbelievable quality, even though they are half a century old and used.

General Comments:

Extremely loud, drafty and uncomfortable. At cruise speed, conversation is no longer possible.

Fuel consumption is quite unbelievable. Most of the energy content in the fuel is used to generate high noise.

On road performance is terrible, but great fun with good hearing protection, off road performance is something else. This is THE best off road vehicle ever built! Suspension and transmission, and differential locking is designed in the 40´s and nothing comes close even today.

Cabin has no insulation at all. Radiator pressure tank is used for heating. Too warm in good weather and too cold in bad weather.

Can drive easily over a 2 meter deep high current glacier river at full speed!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

24th Jan 2017, 05:48

What does one do with a Unimog?

25th Jan 2017, 22:38

One traverse's the land in style in a Unimog!

Nah, on a serious note, they were mainly military/heavy duty vehicles. Can't think what a civilian would use one for. This was a good review though, all be it written a good while ago. Doubt the original author will reply.

Google it - Mercedes Unimog, there is lots of info about this vehicle, was also used in rallying believe it or not.