1999 Mercedes-Benz Vito from UK and Ireland


Could any1 tell me where the speedometer sensor on the vito 108cdi is I can't find it.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2006

22nd Jan 2006, 04:08

Go to www.honestjohn.co.uk and select backroom from menu on left. Post your query in the technical section, someone there will know!

23rd Sep 2007, 03:54

I recently bought a 1999 Mercedes one owner Vito 108. The battery exploded in it. It was the original battery, the van was operating OK beforehand. On turning the ignition to start the battery exploded. Have mopped up the damage, fitted a new battery and van started, the ABS light is staying on. Has anyone come across this problem.

Dublin owner.

1999 Mercedes-Benz Vito 108 CDI Commonrail turbo diesel from Finland


Looks and drives great, but fails miserably reliability-wise


The handbrake never worked properly.

Uneven tire wear.

Rear wiper fluid pump doesn't work.

The ventilation fan is ineffective and noisy.

The Ebersp├Ącher diesel powered heater doesn't work.

An inner drive joint died, and the entire drive shaft had to be replaced.

Speedometer recently died. However, the odometer still works for some reason.

Rust here and there.

For some reason, one of the headlights points too far up.

General Comments:

The Vito is the best looking van so far, and it's great to drive. It is not too slow either, considering it has the 86hp base engine. The performance is nothing to write home about, though.

It's painfully under-equipped. No power windows, no adjustable steering wheel. Not even central locking, something you would expect a 1999 Mercedes to have. Locking four doors with the key gets really old really fast.

The interior is nowhere near the standards of MB passenger cars. Cheap plastics everywhere.

The manual gearstick is... well.. weird, but works. I would choose the automatic version if I'd get to pick again.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2004

23rd Jul 2004, 15:29

I think you were far to hard. Treat cars with care!!!


4th Oct 2004, 14:24

The mercedes vito is a very good van.

21st Aug 2005, 16:47

The digital mile counter stopped working and my garage tole me that the ribbon cable had come away. The only way to repair this is to buy the whole clock unit which is very costly. I cannot find one in a breakers as they say it is always faulty.

11th Dec 2006, 03:34

I have a Vito 108cdi and it's a very good van, fast and quiet very very good van no problems with it.

10th May 2007, 11:07

I brought a 02 reg vito 108cdi a couple of months ago and so far it's been fine. nice drive.

18th Jul 2009, 19:37

My father had a Mercedes Benz Vito 108 CDI, and it worked fantastic, no problems with it. High quality plastic, nothing broken, riding fast, and engine was fantastic even after 10 years of use (1998 till 2008, till we sold it) and still working fantastic says the buyer.

24th Dec 2010, 05:39

My diesel 2000 Vito is perfect. Best ride ever, plenty of power and great fuel economy.

26th Jul 2014, 15:36

Wait till you got to do the hand brake cable. Mercedes say 7 hours. The front seat has got to come out, and so has the fuel tank. Good thinking Mercedes.

1999 Mercedes-Benz Vito C108D 2.2 CDI turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A fantastic vehicle. I love it


Mostly dealer problems. None with the vehicle.

General Comments:

This has been one of the best vehicles I have ever had, it is reliable and economical.

It has sports suspension put on it which lowered it all round by some 5cm. It handles like a Mini Cooper S.

I would buy another one of these with no hesitation. 730k range on one tank of fuel, comfortable, smooth and reliable.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2000