2004 Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI 2.4d from UK and Ireland


It looks nice, that's all


Every panel with the exception of the plastic wings has shown rust. Merecedes dealership agreed to make good and the vehicle was booked in for a two week job.

Upon further investigation, the body shop found that the tail gate and the supporting panels had extensive rust inside the panels and recommended replacing them. 'Oh no' said Mercedes at Milton Keynes head office, 'clean them up and respray them'. After some haggling with my local dealer, it was agreed to replace them. I believe the suggested course of action is refered to as 'dabbing and scabbing' - the scab being the surface rust. The van has now been with the Mercedes dealers preferred body shop for 7 weeks come Tuesday and still the body shop cannot give me a collection date. In the words of Diana Ross 'I'm still waiting'.

Dealers attitude is terrible, not chasing body shop, not returning phone calls, coming up with dodgy excuses and worst of all - Passing the buck to everyone else 'it's not my fault, like you I'm stuck in the middle'. Yeah right!!!

General Comments:

My point is very simple - buy Ford, buy Renault, buy VW, buy Vauxhall, but if you value your money. Well you work it out?

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Review Date: 29th June, 2006

3rd Nov 2007, 19:27

Like you I'm not too fussed with Mercedes commercial vehicles; the Vito is trying to be half car, half van, and the build quality is quite bad for merc. I've inherited a Vito in my new job coming from many other manufacturers vehicles in previous jobs. I'm surprised at the rust on a van of only three years old, which is parked up in Glasgow (many miles from the sea side)

Loose plastic seems to be the norm.

The engines are so so, but only peak at top bhp for short spells, leaving flat spots in rev range.

I wouldn't buy one if I worked for myself.

Retail price is premium for a short shelf life van!

2004 Mercedes-Benz Vito 111CDI 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great looking and good to drive, but sadly falls short of the quality that is expected of Mercedes


Accelerator pedal broke off (made from plastic, hmm)

Rear window wiper packed up (dealer fitted new switch, but still hasn't cured problem)

ESP failure warning light comes on after about 20 minutes. of driving (dealer seems unable to fix)

Floor covering has worn through already where my heel pivots to operate the accelerator pedal.

Premature & unusual wear patterns on tyres, back & front, the fronts were shot at 20,000 miles, the rears 30,000.

Airconditioning has packed up 3 times, have given up having it repaired.

Gearshift gaiter badly split through wear.

Centre arm rest ratchet broken after very short time.

Side sliding door hinges keep coming loose so that they don't shut properly.

Gearbox jumps out of first occasionally.

Corrosion on tailgate already (1 year)

General Comments:

The engine is quite torquey & is getting better with the miles.

The 110bhp engine gives the van a surprising turn of speed at times, however Mercedes have electronically limited the torque in the first two gears (so that the wheels don't spin up so easily, but the van already has traction control) ; this means you struggle to get a quick getaway on say roundabouts or junctions.

The engine too noisy at low speeds, but is reasonably quiet at motorway speeds.

The handling is very good for a van & it has a very tight turning circle.

The mirrors are the worst I've experienced on a van; they're huge, but there's no convex insert that you get on other vans & consequently you have to strain to check blindspots.

Who's idea was it to fit a foot-operated parking brake on a van with manual transmission?

With the bulkhead fitted the seat doesn't go far back enough -I'm 5'10" & feel cramped.

The dealer's technicians don't seem to have all the technical info they need to service Vito's satisfactorily.

The interior it has to be said does have a quality air about it.

There are a few nice touches such as a quick flick of the indicator stalk will initiate three flashes of the indicators for lane-changing & the window wipers revert to intermittent when you're stationary. Also the rear window wiper gives a swipe when you select reverse gear & the front wipers are on. The steering wheel is also adjustable for rake & reach.

The load space light is feeble.

Fuel economy is only average for a diesel.

The brakes take some getting used to as they feel spongey initially, but have good stopping power.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2005

8th Sep 2005, 15:40

Update at 43000 miles: Just had new brake pads fitted all round & a week later the pad wear light stays on all the time. The reversing lamps have stopped working. The steering wheel rim is showing signs of excessive wear & looks like the steering wheel you'd expect to see in a vehicle that's covered 100,000 miles, not 43,000. The electric windows are getting very noisy. The jumping out of first gear is getting worse. Minor service coming up soon, hopefully some of these problems will be sorted. My boss asked me today what van I would like next year when they change it. I'm leaning toward a VW Transporter