17th Jul 2008, 13:02

First service at 25,000 miles, which is pretty amazing by any standard. No faults to report. Front tyres are still wearing unevenly, even after having the tracking adjusted, leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the front suspension geometry on Vitos.

2nd Feb 2009, 11:43

Update at 40,000 miles.

Absolutely no faults to report. Looking very good so far.

15th Mar 2010, 03:48

We have a brand new Vito (1000km), and unfortunately it is not doing well so far. We had the nine seats installed, and when it arrived it had two broken adjuster handles, one with a broken cable, which was fixed under warranty, and another with a screw that didn't fit properly (they wouldn't cover this one).

A few days after delivery, we noticed a squealing in the brakes and after to-ing and fro-ing with the dealer, it appears three of the brake cables have failed with a broken brake spring. They say it must have been driven with the handbrake on, but in a brand new car we don't see how that is even possible. Wouldn't the handbrake stop the car anyway.

Anyway, we have to pay for it and I am quite unhappy about the whole thing, considering we have had it for such a short time. It remains to be seen how this vehicle will pan out for us.

12th Apr 2010, 14:01

Bought a CDI VITO VAN in July 09.

Front tyres wearing after 10000 kilometers, which shows that it has been wearing from day one.

The sales person said it was from going around corners!

Brought it back and they realigned the wheels, since then it is pulling to the left, any suggestions?

12th Apr 2010, 15:35

You need to unscrew one track rod end and screw in the other until the steering wheel is central, and then recheck the tracking.

I wouldn't use that garage again if they can't even get the wheel straight.

1st Oct 2010, 14:01

2.2 CDI - exactly 50,000km on the dashboard, and MB service tells me that a turbine has to be replaced. Problems with its electronic brain.

7th Apr 2011, 03:32

Further to this comment above, we are one year down the track and have had to put the car into the dealer twice in that time. Both times were for a hissing and loss of power. The dealer told me it was for a water pump the first time and the turbo (?) the second time. I am fed up with getting this car fixed, but more importantly I am fed up with the after-service and having to fight the service department to fix what is under the warranty.

20th Jul 2013, 13:14

Update at 150,000 miles & 4 years:

In the last 80,000 miles the catalytic converter broke up internally, sapping power, but was replaced under warranty.

The EGR valve failed outside warranty, costing circa £500 to replace.

The engine was starting to consume water, but the dealer service department couldn't find the cause, & the engine finally expired at about 150,000 miles with a blown oil cooler & cracked cylinder head. This rendered the van beyond economical repair, & my employer scrapped it.

My employer was looking to replace it with a Vauxhall Vivaro, however I like Vitos & badgered my employer to get me a new one. I took delivery of a 2012 113 CDI SWB about a year ago, & have written a report on it on here.