12th Oct 2002, 11:59

If you publish a horror book, send a copy to me. I want to be the first person to read it.

23rd Oct 2004, 07:49

I bought my new Vito CDI 112 in Luxemborg in October 2001.Great van to drive, got to be the fastest and best handling van available in the UK. Three years hard work and 150000 miles later no major problems. So far I have only had the following faults repaired.

New exhaust system @ 30000 miles (warranty).

New injector pump @130000 miles.

I use my van daily, loaded with 1000Kg, only on third set of front discs and pads. Fuel consumption 32 mpg dispite cruising at 85-95 mph on motorways and air-con switched on. MB parts are cheaper than Fords, but MB service is expensive. I would certainly order a new MB Vito CDI 115, but maybe wait until teething problems have been sorted out.

Geoff Moxham. Gloucester UK

2nd Jun 2005, 10:51

I have had my Vito taxi for 3 years, and it's cost me a fortune in repairs. It's a 110CDi with air con that hasn't worked since a year ago. The temperature control for the heater blows hot air when it's switched off, which is awful on a hot sunny day.

The fuel consumption around town is abysmal; no better than 29 MPG, going up to 35 MPG on motorways.

The front brake pads need changing every 7000 miles. Ball joints can't be replaced without replacing the bottom wishbones at around £189 per side, plus fitting and VAT!

I had a fuel pipe split at the back of the engine; it cost me £428 to have it replaced. The parts only came to just over £8.00; the rest was fitting and VAT.

Over the last 6 months I have spent over £5000 on repairs. Not what you would expect of a 3.5 year old Mercedes.

I will never buy another Mercedes of any sort, after the appalling experiences I have had so far.

26th Apr 2008, 23:23

I purchased my mercedes Vito 110 second hand at an auction in new zealand, I have done over 60,000 kms in the last 18 months without a problem. Would buy another one tomorrow.

23rd Oct 2008, 06:47

I have just sold my 2003 112cdi Vito with 150,000 miles on. It had no major problems except a new clutch at 120,000. I used it every day, often towing a large trailer and fully loaded. It was a fantastic van, sad to see it go. Just taken delivery (last week) of a new Vito 115 sport, and again so far it's amazing and quick!

2nd Sep 2009, 22:14

Other than the busted instrument cluster, which by the way cannot be repaired, neither replaced with a second hand one (none is available in the market),which I was forced to replace with a new one imported from Germany, the cost (php. 70,000) can actually afford to buy a second hand old Toyota sedan, the performance is quite impressive. Though maintaining it is really a hard task, I live in Manila, Philippines, and even a single screw that you dropped somewhere is not available anywhere but at the Mercedes Benz dealer alone. Too costly at that.

25th Oct 2010, 17:13

Cannot believe it's a Mercedes.

Unfortunately before buying my Vito V230, 1997, petrol with manual gears, I had read several negative reviews and ignored them, because I was impressed by the comfortable seats and space.

I assumed those people were over-reacting, because it is finally a Mercedes.

I was so wrong. This car is a nightmare by all means.

What went wrong? Truly everything.

I have bought my V230 having only 75,000 km on it, and have changed so far the engine, air condition compressor twice, my fifth gear stopped shifting, 3 car keys, electric mirror button changed 3 times, rear electric windows not working.

It have been towed at least 10 times in the last 3 years.

Now every morning I drive the car, I ask myself, what's going to break today. It stays at my mechanic more than in my garage. The resale value is now less than 50% of my buying price, not including all the expenses I paid for spare parts and repairs, adding to almost $12,000.

I am trying to sell it, but with no luck so far.

My cousin has bought another V230 at the same timing as mine. He was not willing to spend too much on his car.

During the last 3 years, he has max used his car for 6 months, otherwise broken and covered.

My recommendation. Never again.

27th May 2015, 11:05

Just wondering where you got your pipe from? I have a split in my overflow fuel pipe and can't find a replacement anywhere!!!