16th Apr 2009, 13:54

I have got a 2000 112CDI... bought it back in Nov 2005, and all I can say is what a bag of trouble.

Shortly after getting it new battery, totally dead, then a new dashboard cluster as all instruments died while driving, and then coming back to life.

The internal heaters are rubbish.

Glow plug failures, but have not changed them as it hasn't affected the starting.

Front half of the exhaust went - £900 plus fitting from MB, which could lead to replacing the rear £900, so found a place in Rickmansworth to put a stainless on for £600.

After this, noticed excessive smoke and the exhaust tune changed. Wouldn't go past 3000rpm - there is an un-written feature, when you start the Vito they are limited to 3000 rpm until you press the clutch!

Disconnected a sensor in the top of the engine bay and reconnected it - seemed to fix the problem, but it kept going wrong - replaced with new - didn't fix it.

Managed to get the fault code - vacuum sensor - had this replaced, was OK, then over Christmas it went again. Took it to MB who found a broken wire to the sensor - since then this has been OK until last week - I now have the Black Death with fumes in the cab...

Friend had same problem and MB called it a porus head and over tightened his injector - game over - new recon engine £3600.

All the amount of rust is terrible. Bonnet and slam panel are terrible.

Now looking for another van - are the newer CDI's any better? VW look good, but expensive seeing as I need 5 or 6 seats!

Also had an ML CDI 03 - engine died on motorway 4 times, headlights came on full beam, AC problem and broken steering joint all in 1 year - oh and new discs and pads on the first 12000 mile service - yes they are heavy on brakes!!!

It's about time MB sorted their act out.

15th Jun 2009, 14:46

I have a 2000 Vito 108CDI.

I am suffering all the issues-

1. won't rev above 3000rpm

2. injectors been rebuilt twice

3. intake system full (and I mean FULL) of carbon goo.

Also have a problem that is very confussing-

Once the engine is warm it starts to blow the dreaded blue smoke out the back, but its not all the time only once every 4 or 5 miles it blows a huge cloud, after this it clears up for the distance then repeats its self again.

Had the thing in a million bits to sort out the issues but the last one has me stuck any help info@evolution4x4.co.uk.

But if it didn't have these issues it would be great, it drives superb (when its running properly, which is rare)

1st Dec 2009, 12:57

Bought a Vito 108cdi on a 2000. Same story as many of you. Will not rev over 3000 revs! New injectors, new air mass, new pipes, been on MB diagnostics, came back fault on ABS, will try this; if it doesn't work, will roll it off a cliff! Is it true rear light bulbs can effect ABS control? Good luck to all.

1st Jan 2010, 06:21

Vito 110 CDI 2000 model. Central locking stopped working. Can any one help? THANKS.

2nd Jan 2010, 08:02

I'm assuming it's the whole system which isn't working, in which case it could be the control module, or whatever Merc call it, that controls the power going to the lock motors. Anyway, that's what I would be looking at first. Also could be a bad connection or wire, maybe.

21st Jan 2010, 22:05

Well it seems we as a group need to confront MB & our local Gov.

23rd Jan 2010, 08:46

I have a Vito 110 and I'm having problems finding a torque converter for it. Does anybody have an info where to get one? Thank you.

6th Feb 2010, 17:20

Hi, I've just brought a 02 reg 108CDi, only done 50k, no rust present at all, no running problems, no knocks, no rattles, squeaks, or any of these problems I have been reading about, and goes like the clappers.

I would have thought very different before buying if I had read this site first, but traded a Transporter for it, and that had so many problems and I had two, they eat clutches and front bushes tyres etc etc, so they are all problems as bad as each other, shame nobody can make a van that we can just go to work in?

Good luck all.

25th Feb 2010, 06:11

Wow! After reading all these comments, I am at a loss. Was looking to buy an 03 or better model Vito 110CDi as a work van, for what I would call carrying light loads. I was told to leave the 108CDi and 112CDi alone as the 110CDi is more reliable, and if possible try to get a silver one, as these apparently don't rust like the white ones do. Maybe I should have been told to leave the lot alone.

Does anybody have an idea then of a good, reliable van I can use? Transporter? Berlingo? Or does every manufacturer have their own problems, from which the unsuspecting, average person cannot escape?

I don't fancy paying e1000 or more every time I take a trip to my local garage for my great looking Mercedes van.

3rd Mar 2010, 05:36

I have just bought a Vito 111. On every journey the oil can symbol lights up with the word "hi". The oil level is normal and this warning comes up even at a steady 30-40mph. Anyone know where the sensor is, so I can smash, I mean replace it?

6th Mar 2010, 12:01

Oh lads! Why me? I've just bought a 98 Mercedes Vito 110! It looked so cool, with all the the mods and stuff, hence the purchase! It also has 160,000 miles on it too! No problems yet after a week. Are the older model Vitos better or worse than the 2nd generation models? My friends tell me that I should look on the bright side! A van that gets to that mileage can't be that unreliable, because someone would have rolled it off a cliff a long time ago otherwise.

I bought it from a mechanic! Anyone with an answer regards to the question above, would be helping me greatly! I love the van, it's been customized by the previous owner to the point that no more can be done. It looked that good, I parted with my cash for a 12 year old van with 160,000 miles. HELP ME QUICK! EASE MY WORRIES!

12th Mar 2010, 17:54

Hello! I've heard 98-03 are good machines! Anything after that is, well, I'd leave that generation alone. Even if you're loaded, no amount of cash can save your van.

The rust? Some suffer, some don't. It's the luck of the draw, when it comes to that MAJOR PROBLEM. I've seen silver vans with rust and some white ones without it.

All in all, they're hit and miss vans, aren't they? If you get a good one, it will be still going long after you're gone. If you get a bad one, well hey, just read some of the comments on here. You don't need me to tell you that. Pity, Toyota don't make a van that looks exactly like the Vito. Wouldn't that be so cool!!!