16th Jun 2006, 00:43

I am the proud owner of a 230.4 live in New South Wales Australia and agree that the car is one of the most comfortable I have owned. This model does not appear to have been a great seller in this Country, but the 4 cylinder motor is smooth. I have friends with MGs etc. but the Merc is a better car for touring etc.

7th Sep 2006, 18:36

I am also a proud owner of 230.4 in Hong Kong. The motor is running smoothly, however the rubber sealing along the windows and doors are pretty much worn. Does anyone know where can I get a full set of weather strip?

6th Dec 2006, 15:26

Hello, I own a 1974 white-red interior 230 (it is not badged as 230.4), which drives like new, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The car is definately a looker, and with less than 150 000 km. on the odometer, the car is one of the best MBenz I have purchased.

It´s worth its weight in gold.


7th Dec 2006, 22:41

I've had my 1974 230.4 for about 6 months - love it. White with a beige vinyl interior. Air cond. 335,000km's on the clock and it hasn't missed a beat since I've had it. Mine doesn't have power steering - does anybody know if this was an option?

8th Mar 2007, 01:20

I've just join "the club" of W115 classic owner.

Mine is 200 with 71.000 kilometres on the clock and still in original factory paintwork.

28th Jul 2007, 18:55

My Mercedes (w115) 230.4 doesn't have the a/c system and I'm looking for it. I would like to known if somebody knows where the fan and the other parts like the condenser and the compressor goes?

Thanks very much.

2nd Dec 2007, 21:29

HI, Also proud owner of a 74 240D in San Francisco, CA. It's a great car, never any problems that have cost more the $50.00 to fix and the mechanics do it for free b/ it's a great old car. It's hard to know how many miles are on it b/ I have flipped the odometer >100,000 miles and the each owner before me did the same thing. Probably over 400k miles between the three of us.

Smoke - I run it on Bio-diesel - reduces smoke and noise.

Window Seals - Rubber around the windows can be replaced by most window replacement companies if you call around.

Seats - I'm looking for seats. Mine are falling apart. Headrest is losing horse hair now.


9th Jan 2010, 06:07

I have a 1974 230.4. It's brilliant. Only 160,000km's and runs so nice.

3rd Dec 2010, 15:04

I have Mercedes 230.4 1974 for 32 years. It is like new, perfect, the best car.