1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 300 TD Sedan 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


Well built, great classic look, good to drive


Just purchased the car, but I know the seats need to be re-stuffed, sunroof motor works, but does not open, and the cruise control is sporadic.

General Comments:

I purchased a used 240 D in 1982, used with 24K miles. I sold the car some 8 years later with 220K miles. Just a great little car for our family.

I wanted a second car as a daily driver and this current car has been ideal for that purpose. Much more room than I thought, and with the windows closed tight, it is mostly quiet. I'm hoping this car will last longer than the 240D.

Quick question. What kind of oil should I be utilized when the oil change is due? Thank you.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2017

29th Jul 2021, 19:14

15W40 diesel motor oil.

1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 300TD 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


From an era when Mercedes engineering was "das besten oder nichts!"


Nothing other than usual wear items such as suspension components, alternator, belts and water pump.

Driver's seat springs fatigued, but what do you expect after almost 340K??

General Comments:

As many have said here before, these cars were truly built to last. The feel of everything from the door latches to the switchgear inside is just as it was when I bought this car at four years old. It's a tremendous feat of engineering. It's unfortunate that Mercedes is nowhere near this level any longer.

Just make sure to strictly adhere to the factory maintenance intervals, which means oil and filter every 3K, valve adjustments and fuel filters every 15K, air filter and tranny service every 24K, brake fluid flush annually and coolant flush every two years, and these cars will last forever. Use a good Mercedes specialist for servicing as they do need someone knowledgeable to keep them running properly. Forget the dealers, especially nowadays; nobody except maybe the shop foreman would have a clue about one of these cars.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2014

1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 300TD 3.0 litre 5 cylinder turbo from North America


Legendary engineering


Both rear window regulators needed to be replaced.

Nothing else other than normal maintenance.

General Comments:

Well, fantastic!

The W123 is an incredible car. I started out with a W116 300SD, but eventually needed a wagon and found this car still with its original owner. I'm fortunate in that we have a local Mercedes-only service shop run by a German ex-MB factory employee, so needless to say, he knows these cars inside and out and seems to always have a three week backlog for work.

In any case, we had these cars in my family back in the 1970s and 1980s, and I still remember how they felt when they were brand new.

It was made very clear to me that these cars require regular maintenance, which must be adhered to strictly, so my car is in every 3K miles for oil changes, every 15K for valve adjustments and fuel filters, 30K for air filter and trans fluid and filter, annually for brake fluid flush, and every second year for coolant flush, and it has been dead reliable in the near 20 years I've owned it.

You'll run into wear items needing replaced at certain mileage intervals, so don't be surprised when it needs ball joints and control arms at 150K, or brake hoses at 25 years old, or A/C work, etc... it's a machine and machines - even great ones - still wear out, but compared to many other cars, including my wife's brand new C-Class, the W123 is in a league of its own in comfort, safety, simplicity and reliability.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2014

1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 300D turbo diesel from North America


When I drive it, I'm like a kid at Christmas


Bought the car in Florida three weeks ago, and had an independent, import repair shop check it out before starting 1,200 miles back to Texas. The only issue was a leaking primer pump, which I had replaced for $170.00, all inclusive.

Complete maintenance records show that control arms, tie rods, all bushings and shocks have been replaced, as well as the radiator and fan. Two months ago, the car ran hot (due to fan failure?), and the head warped and cracked. Repair invoice notes describe $2,400 for various related and precautionary repairs.

The rheostat on the instrument lights does not work, so their constant dim glow is only visible if there is zero ambient light. Does anyone know a source for that part, or the MB part number, for search purposes?

Also, the console switch for the emergency flashers is inoperable. Anyone know a source for that, or the MB part number?

Central locking from the driver's door is fine, but not from the passenger's side. May be a vacuum leak on that side.

General Comments:

I bought from the original owners, a couple in their mid to late 80s. The factory paint, light gray with original pin striping is superb, as are the carpets, MB Tex dark blue upholstery and carpets, which show no discernible wear. The car has clearly been pampered all its life, and I expect it to be my last car purchase, for daily use.

Maintenance records show oil and filter changes at least every six months, even if driven only 1,000 miles.

In the early 1960s, in Germany, I owned a 1958 MB 219, which I totalled and replaced with a 1957 MB 220S. I had never driven such fine cars, and have never forgotten what it was like. This W123 has the same feeling of quality and precision road feel of those earlier cars. I am now 73 years old, but can still feel thrilled over driving a fine car. This one gives me that thrill.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2012

17th Mar 2014, 22:45

Simply remove the rheostat and solder a wire across the 2 connections at the back.

23rd Feb 2017, 05:33

Your problem with your flashers and other lights are your fuses; they get corroded; they need taking out and cleaned with a wire brush. I had the same problems on mine. Cleaned all of them. I had a headlight out also and cleaned the fuse and that fixed it.