6th Aug 2004, 09:27

I have made the recent purchase of a 230ce and had the misfortune of requiring the use of the first aid kit. I found the kit to be original and as such it was completely useless. Definitely needs to be changed.

I also have found problems with the windows whilst going through a car wash. I found the rubber seals were perished even though they looked OK from the outside.

The 230ce is a lovely car to drive and unlike many cars of today this car has real character.

27th Sep 2005, 05:08

I have had my Mercedes 230e coupe for three years having purchased it from my uncle, who as a retirement present, treated himself to this luxury car - brand new. Despite being one of the earliest models it is a joy to drive. The only problem, which seems a common one, is the leaking windows which I had to get repaired at a rather daunting cost.

I have only 46,000 genuine miles on the clock and every service to prove the mileage is genuine.

Unfortunately, somebody drove into the back of it some three months ago. My insurance company stated that the cost of repairs was greater than the value of the car. However, my love of this machine prevailed and now it is on the road again - meeting admiring comments - and I am a very happy bunny.

2nd Apr 2006, 13:10

The steering wheel design, from what I can gather, is a throwback to the days when cars did not have power steering. I was shocked when I got my first used 3 series BMW and the wheel was so large.

Obviously, power steering has been available for decades, but some traditions lingered. The funny thing is if you look at Mercedes and BMW steering wheels today they are actually SMALLER than other cars.

Personally, I don't mind the steering wheel once you get used to how to operate the car (fitting in to the car's ergonomics). This same thing happened when I first drove a Porshe, 1990 911. The ergonomics made no sense until I drove the car.

18th Jul 2006, 11:58

I had owned my Mercedes Benz W123 230ce since July 2000, and we had great moments together.

I got mine from an uncle, who had lavished the car with complete engine rebuild, body respray and transmission rebuild at our local Mercedes dealer. Not because it was broken down at that time, as it had only 103k km on the speedometer, but because he wanted it to drive like new..

However, after seeing the total bill coinciding with cash flow problem, he offered it to me at a fraction of the price he had paid for the total rejuvenation..

Continuing the tradition and being car crazy myself, I had put a stereo and CD system that is more in time, a petri sport steering that doesn't make you feel like driving a bus, 18" Lorinser look alloy wheels that enhanced the ride experienced, new front headlamp with clear front blinker, new speedometer and new floor carpeting. The rest is still stock.

Oh.. did I mention that the the car was originally bought in the UK by a diplomat, who then after his tour of duty in 1987, brought it back to Brunei Darussalam where I reside. To date I had seen less than 10 units on Brunei roads, and in my eye none looks as good and as well cared for as mine.

I am only using the w123 as a weekend car, hence the low mileage of 40k km (new speedometer).. I love the car and hope someday my sons will enjoy it as I have..

23rd Jul 2006, 07:26


I am currently driving a 1982 230 E automatic, very clean car which I have had for 8 years, this baby rocks and drives like a dream, also very trouble free. I am going to look at a 1985 230 CE during the week. I have read all the above articles which contain good to know information! Can anybody tell me if the engine is the same for both years or is the 1985 type much different as the 82 engine is the "bomb",also the CE I'm looking at is manual, were their any issues with manual transmission that I should know about? On that note thank you in advance for any reply and happy motoring, long live the W123.

18th Oct 2007, 22:48

I am about to purchase an 81 230 CE white that looks and rides brand new. I had driven before a 220 S 1958, a 200 1967 and a 280 1980. There was superb machines for me, specially the old 220s ponton, the best car I ever had (I drove it in the 90´s, when it adjusts 400k in its clock). Thanks for your positive comments on this lovely coupe.

Here in Colombia the car costs around a third more than in Europe, (and in a weak money), but there is lots of W123, spare parts and good service. (By the way, it's the only good survivor from the 70´s, escorted by Russian Gazes or American Willys. And this is certainly a hard country to drive). However, could be not too sensible to invest a considerable amount of pesos in such an old car. But I think in a few years it will be a classic and its value will rise. Your comments helped me to take my decision.

27th Oct 2007, 06:10

Hello Everyone.

I purchased a w123 230ce a few months ago and have stupidly lost the only key that I had... tragic beyond belief! I have been to MB who got a key made, as per the log book information. The key managed to open the drivers door, with great difficulty, but did not work anywhere else. MB have suggested a £500 solution... new door, boot & ignition barrel. Can anyone suggest a better way or should I go ahead and pay for my mistake!



31st Dec 2007, 14:30

I hear you loud and clear brother. I like my old W123 300 turbo diesel so much I want to keep it for as long as possible. Regarding your need for parts and trim or rubber window seal pieces, take a look at Ebay. Enter a search in the autos section and you will be surprised at how many items are available. Happy motoring!

22nd Oct 2016, 16:58

Hey guys, does anyone know how many 230 CE 123 Mercs were produced in the world?