28th Nov 2009, 21:11

I acquired my 300D when I was a senior in high school 8 years ago. I was recently involved in a collision in the interstate and have some front end to damage to my car. I am extremely devastated, the car was running beautifully.

The 300D is a wonderful car, even at 24 years old, it runs amazing, especially if you keep it well maintained. I had the AC replaced the steering fixed, and vacuum shut off fixed, but other than that, very little was required.

My car is truly a part of me and I am dreading having to get something else if mine cannot be fixed. They are not like any other car you will ever drive.

30th Sep 2010, 16:48

I just purchased (5K) a 1985 300D Turbo. 247K on the odometer, and the vehicle is absolutely perfect. The used car dealer that sold it to me put in a new windshield, starter, alternator (I think), and a few other odds and ends. I want to adjust the valves myself, and change the oil, and I'll be good to go.

5th Mar 2011, 22:53

I bought mine, 1985 300D, two months ago. It had 244K on it. I put on 3K so far. This piece of German engineering is a beauty. Runs smooth, accelerates good; each time you hit the gas pedal, you feel the torque. Fortunately, 4 windows including the sunroof work immaculately. I call her One-Eleven, bought in 01-11-2011 that's why. Well, I am so happy with my car.

2nd Oct 2011, 16:02

Hi - can anyone help me? I have a 1985 Mercedes 380 SE, and the transmission is very sluggish between 2nd & 3rd (although it is perfect when it is cold). Does anyone have any suggestions?

4th Dec 2012, 09:50

Ditto on the ride. I've had mine about a month, and friends always comment on the comfortable ride. Engine noise is only noticeable, but not irritating, at about 85. Wish I'd bought one years ago.