23rd Apr 2006, 22:39

I totally agree that the 280E is simply the best car in the world. I am just in the verge of buying one and after test driving it I can't get my mind off it.I currently own a 1978 200 petrol. Its good, but nothing compared to the breathtaking power and stability of her big sister the 280E I live in Kenya.

24th Apr 2006, 08:56

I have to agree this is probably the best car ever made. First time I rode in one (a beater a realtor was using in the middle of winter) I was shocked it didn't squeak (with 139K miles on it).

But I figured good looks and quiet were just that, that to drive it it must be awful. Well, years later got to drive one for sale and it more than lived up to its promise. Didn't buy the car (it had smog problems) but it got me on the path to ultimately acquire one.

10th Feb 2007, 12:14

Just bought a 1980 W123 280E, with only 124000km's from the first owner (1917, a German). Agave green, beige interior, manual gearbox. The test drive was terrific. This car is made for eternity. It feels very solid and well-crafted, made in another era, when cars were purchased to last a lifetime, not just 3 years. The sound of the engine, the seats, the simplicity of this intelligent design...

I will report on this car in the nearby future.

30th Sep 2009, 02:24

Hi there, I have a 1984 280E and she has a genuine 468319 km on the clock, she just sailed through the M.O.T and runs at about 24mpg, I love her. I got her for £200 as no one would touch her because of the mileage, which suits me fine x.

23rd Oct 2010, 20:59

I bought a 280e MB 1984, about 2003. It has been a BRILLIANT car and stood outside in the elements (unbeknown to me) for 2007 until 2009. I then had it transported to Alice Springs in the NT of Australia. The car passed the roadworthy test except for a few blown light bulbs. Last month I had the faded bonnet/boot and roof resprayed, because I do not think I will replace it. The beauty of MBs are that they keep going, even when something is in need of replacement. In South Africa (where I was 2007/9) I drove a GREAT old 1975 230e MB.

When I go to hell, it will be in a Mercedes Benz!

6th Apr 2014, 17:16


Are you saying it is better than a Bentley? =)

7th Apr 2014, 14:23

How many Bentleys do you see with hundreds of thousands on the odometer serving as taxis and still running after 30 years?