1987 Mercedes-Benz W124 3.0 om603 turbo diesel from North America


Semi-reliable luxury at decent price


A/C was out when I purchased the vehicle. R-134 conversion was not very cold.

Fuel leak at coolant/fuel heat exchange when purchased; bypassed.

Replaced belt tensioner and components at 185k.

190k, cooling fan failure caused damage to the radiator, fan clutch, fan shroud and transmission cooling lines, as well as denting the hood.

190k, rear multi-link suspension components dry rotted, replaced.

194k, original starter died at 25 years old, rebuilt.

205k, ball joint failure on the highway, this was big. Replaced lower control arm, strut, tie rod end, hub and spindle. Wheel/tire caused massive damage to the fender. Still have lingering suspension issues.

Both strut tower mounts have started to separate; not sure if I'll fix or part out the vehicle

General Comments:

From the massive amounts of research I've done, the strut tower and cooling fan failures are very rare. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another W124, as I'm far more knowledgeable now and could do a thorough inspection.

Very quick car. Fastest diesel in the 80's.

The vehicle feels very solid, and I feel very safe driving it.

Fuel mileage is spectacular for a vehicle of this vintage, and even by today's standards. I see 29 MPG consistently, and better on road trips.

The interior has held up great, minus some cracks on the dash. Very comfortable seats with electronic controls.

Basically everything works on the vehicle; switches, controls, gauges. The sun roof is slow; I don't use it for fear of failure while open.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2013

1987 Mercedes-Benz W124 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


If you're looking for safety and reliability, plus great gas mileage, I recommend this car!


Transmission burnt out at 230,000 miles.

Seats are worn.

Shocks and struts were terrible at purchase.

Ignition tumbler (cylinder) locked up at 228,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has a strong engine with a mean turbo.

The car is built like a tank, and will provide you with a strong shell of protection, plus a steel frame.

The interior is a bit outdated, however the wooden trim is a stylish touch.

If well taken care of, the car will last a good 500,000+ miles.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2012

1987 Mercedes-Benz W124 300 TDT 603 from North America


It lives up to the hype


A high pressure fuel line broke between cylinder 4 and the injection pump.

The bearing on the A/C compressor seized, taking out the serpentine belt.

I've had some miscellaneous electrical issues, but nothing I couldn't fix myself. (I'm a mechanic)

General Comments:

I love the car. It's 23 years old, and I bought it recently from the third owner, in Kansas. It's originally a Southern California car, and there's no rust.

The interior is very clean. I flew out and drove it back, 1500 miles. I put some Lucas fuel injector cleaner in the tank, and by the second tank I was making 30 mpg.

Where else can you buy a car for less than $6K, that gets 30 mpg, no rust, very comfortable, and has 300K miles yet left in it?

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Review Date: 13th December, 2010

1987 Mercedes-Benz W124 300TD 3.0 turbo diesel from North America


Just love these cars!


Usual stuff... A/C vacuum on middle & lower vents. Rear windows do not always work, switch not regulator & rear hatch leaks like there is no tomorrow.

Drivers seat has a rip. (Tex).

Had to have the rear suspension rebuilt. VERY costly, but rode like a nasty truck. No way to by-pass the MB system with air shocks.

General Comments:

LOVE this car. Bought original car with a blown #6 cylinder. Car sat until a new motor came along. That motor came out of a 1987 300 d that I just bought and was totaled in front of my home.

We were able to take the motor out (Had been rebuilt 35k miles before accident) put in the wagon with no problem. Bolted right in & fired RIGHT up! She needed new glow plugs, injector hoses, rear breaks & starter. Loaded up the old A/C freon and it works great!

Paint is great (except hood) 2 rust spots, (FL car original) put on new 2000 c class chrome wheels.

Car is pulling between 22-25 mpg. Losing a small amount of HP with bio & will not run it again.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2009