8th Jan 2009, 02:49

I've had mine for 4 months and I keep waiting for the catch!

Petrol costs are less than my old BMW. I get about 12.5 - 15 litres per 100ks depending on city / freeway driving - and if I have the AC on.

A recent round trip to Newcastle saw me get 450ks from 50 litres with the AC on 50% of the time.

It is a very comfortable drive and I have the 3 litres of engine to dig my foot into if some drongo in a Hyundai wants to try it on. My friend has a WRX with bolt ons to boot and only gets 17 litres per 100ks.

I want a two door next.


2nd Feb 2009, 09:33

Hehe, Kim.

I acted on your dream. A few months ago I ran across a gorgeous, almost-mint white AMG 1992 300 CE-24 Coupe, Arctic White, with only 150,000 kilometres (94,000 miles). My neighbour is a mechanic who bought it wholesale. I saw it and bought it from him 15 minutes later.

It runs perfectly! The interior still almost smells like new, the car has been seriously well-looked-after. I intend to continue looking after it in a serious fashion.

I did have to replace the engine control module (a new one, not used) 3 months after acquiring it, which cost 1600$ (800 pounds), but other than that, perfection.

Superb car.. smooth, quiet, luxurious, not bad on gas.. makes you smile driving it, and in white with no blemishes a real looker!

I consider myself very lucky to have found it by chance, and expect it will last me another 20 years.

13th Jun 2009, 20:42

Update: 2 Years later.

I still own this car having done 200,000+ kms. It still feels like new.

The muffler has had to replaced as well as the front disc brake rotors, serpentine belt and battery, which is to be expected in 100,000km of driving.

Not much has gone wrong, the cruise control hasn't been operating for awhile, it cuts out now and again and I've read this can be attributed to poor solders on the unit. The veneer on the centre console around the gear lever has also cracked, another common issue in the Australian sun. And the little centre wheel caps are beginning to look tired.

But there again the paint is as fresh as it left the factory, and the gorgeous Nappa steering wheel is still soft and supple. Acceleration, power, handling and ride comfort are still up to par.

I took it for a 800 km round trip last weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the drive. I actually felt refreshed after one 300km section!

19th Mar 2010, 23:43

1990 300ce 3.0 24v (US M104 217hp)

Have had 3 Mercs before, one with the straight six M104 2.8 24v 190hp engine. I really like the pull of the straight six engines of BMWs and Mercs. It's nice to finally have a 2 door with the 300ce and the 7k rpm red line is great also. Had the 93 400e 4.2 V8 275hp but it was a 4 door I wanted something sportier. The 400e is like a sleeper because most people think it's a 300e. It's funny when I drop a gear and pull away from Mustangs. ;)

1 good mod is to use the rear window safety lock switch and wire it to the 1st gear over ride on the transmission. For 1st (instead of default 2nd) starts, and a quick gear kick down at speed. My model had the ASR, electronically controlled limited slip.

Anyways... after all my other cars, the 90 300ce hasn't let me down. The W124 chassis model is the best Mercedes has every built. Now if BMW made a 2 door E34 chassis 525i 5 speed, that would be my next car.

Note: one common problem with the 90 300ce is the CIS-KE fuel system. The potentiometer is known to fail to cause hard cold starts, rough idle, and poor acceleration at low speeds. Easy fix though not easily diagnosed if you not aware of it. Another cause may be the EHA, Electro Hydraulic Actuator, or the OVP over voltage regulator.

30th Mar 2010, 17:30

I got a well used 300E for my wife, after a series of new cars. I wanted to get out of the depreciation spiral. After the Subarus, which were all excellent and reliable, I find the old Merc to be both excellent and a lot more special in the way it drives.

We have had some niggles, door check straps, window switches, and aircon, but a couple of thousand dollars later this is a car that has presence, feels relaxing and responsive, does not rattle, and performs and handles really well.

I have a BMW M3, and the Merc really is a better car. The M3 is of course a lot quicker, sportier and thrilling, but the build quality is much less good (it has rattles now that the Merc does not), and the Merc is just a more satisfying car to live with. We use the 300e every day, the M3 has been relegated mostly to Sunday morning drives.

I have bought a 190e for one of my kids, which shares the build integrity, and a lot of the feel of the 300e, and I will get a 300ce soon for my wife, because the styling of the coupe is more appealing, but I think we will retain the 300e as a spare. I have another 2 kids coming up to driving age, and can think of no more suitable car to put them in.

17th Mar 2011, 17:15

280000 km (168000 miles) later and the old 300e-24 has been retired to the paddock. Can't bear to sell it for $2000-$3000, so I'm holding on to it as a retirement project.

The top coat of the paint started fading after five years of no garage parking in the Sydney sun, and the wood veneer has split in most places along the console. A cast sunroof guide broke off too, leaving the sunroof inoperable.

Engine wise, I had to replace the ENORMOUS distributor cap, and an leak developed at the rear of the motor, which is typical for this (m104?) engine.

The cruise control is completely dead, various instrument cluster bulbs have blown and a window switch doesn't operate. The Becker radio cassette again has died.

So the old girl was due for replacement.

So I went and bought a 98 E430. It's a lot more powerful, feels softer and there's surprisingly a few more squeaks and rattles in the interior.

The E300-24 still gets a drive now and then, the steering and suspension still feel oh-so-tight all these years later, and that 7000rpm redline is still a joy. Still no rattles in the cabin all these years later. It's built like a bank vault.

I'm still owning it for life!