2nd Aug 2010, 15:48

If the car has not been properly serviced regularly, that will happen. Get it serviced and tuned up -- oil & filter change, fuel filter, spark plugs, add fuel injection cleaner to the tank. That normally does wonders.

13th Aug 2010, 16:24

To the gentleman from India, I am the guy who posted the review. If you are experiencing loss of power, change the following parts at the same time if you havenĀ“t done it previous years:

Bosch spark plugs (FR8DCX), fuel and air filters. I do that every 20,000 kilometers or every year.

There is also a little filter inside a copper fitting, on the entrance of the fuel rail that delivers the fuel to the injectors. Number is A 000 074 60 86. Very easy to change.

And finally and most important, try to send the 4 fuel injectors to get cleaned to a injection lab. This is not expensive, and is money well invested. Electronic injectors, for Mercedes engines from 93 and up as yours, can get partially clogged with age of fuel varnish. Professional cleaning does wonders.

Let me know how it goes. Good luck.

10th Nov 2010, 09:26

I own a '96 124 220 E.

The car is in good condition. Recently, the car stopped idling. Otherwise there is no problem. Acceleration is good, but the moment you lift the leg off the accelerator pedal to shift gear the engine cuts out.

What is the problem and the solution?

11th Nov 2010, 08:57

I guess your E220 1996 is a W210 with manual box, correct? I have not yet experienced that problem with engine cut-off, but would recommend to check (and clean) the throttle housing. Maybe the accelerator flap (inside the throttle) is clogged with varnish and some other residues.

14th Nov 2010, 23:44

The car is a W 124 and not W 210. I'm not sure whether they share the same engine, which I believe is a M-111.

13th Mar 2013, 06:51

Replace your spark plugs. Do this every 10,000km.

Do a tune up too.

18th Sep 2014, 16:44

Ages old post, but maybe will help someone. I had the same problem on my '96 E220. My throttle body was, apparently, in need of a good cleanup/cleanout. When that was done, problem solved.