15th Nov 2006, 21:11

About six months ago I literally stumbled upon a 300 CE-24 for sale. I bought my first used Benz when I was a kid. My last Benz was a 1970 MB 280 S, which my parents bought new and was passed on to me until it "died" last year. Until I bought the CE-24 and after test driving all the alternatives, I thought, "Maybe I should buy a "Caddie", but events finally gave me an option.

When I first saw her on a wholesale lot in Santa Rosa, California I thought I was dreaming. How could an entry level Benz possibly interest me. How wrong I was. This amazing automobile has exceeded even my expectations. Maybe AMG really scored.

Not only does it handle absolutely perfectly, but the awesome engine seems to have no limits. The faster you want to go, the faster the huge 3 liter wants to take you. It just won't quit.

The build quality is heritage in this car. A few dinky things like the set belt assists are a bit much, but there are so many neat things and expensive equipment on this car that it seems cheap if it were twice the price.

There are many people in California that have never even seen this model, so no matter where I drive this car it is a total standout, and I might add a total knockout!

If you want to really drive and own a total winner car, get one if you can even find one. It's the most satisfying drive out of all the Mercedes ever made.

19th Mar 2008, 14:04

I own a 1992 300ce. I am the original and have put an amazing 281,000 miles on this car. I love it. It is very clean and even at its age still stands out. I come across past business associates that can't believe I still own this car, But I just think it looks great and is a classic Mercedes Benz.

22nd Apr 2008, 13:33

I acquired mine E300-24 three months ago. A japanese car (but with the steering wheel on the proper side!) and reexported to Canada.

So far so good. It starts very nice in our minus 20 celcius mornings.

10th Oct 2008, 02:54

This is the best car ever made if we are talking about reability in high class. You can drive it whit out services if you want but if you service it on time it last forever whit out any problem. I think that w124 newer versions whit new 111 motor (engine from the c class) is the best choice. but is rare.

1st Aug 2009, 06:02

Hi I have a 1992 Mercedes 30024v coupe. It has only 66,000 thousand miles on the clock and it goes like hell, and offers good fuel returns also. I have had it ten years and would never part with it. One of the best Mercs ever made.

Dave George, England,

29th Aug 2009, 05:59

Hi all. I have just bought a 1992 300ce and I love it. The only thing that's a bit annoying is it's just about impossible to find any tuning parts for the motor. Awesome car though, and far better than the equivalent BMW in my opinion.

13th Jul 2010, 14:33

Hi to all you Benz fan I have a 1992 Mercedes 300 CE AMG model. The car is simply delightful.

It only has 125000 km or for you US fans just slightly above 60k miles. The car is by far an amazing coupe. It was imported from Japan, and man does it show when a car has never been winter driven.

It is equipped with the original AMG struts and coils in a curve, it is eating the road. To all you fans out there, if you have one of these, keep it. It's a solid dream car so few were made.