20th Aug 2009, 12:25

Hey guys. I am a w124 nut. I have had a few, 280e, 300e. They are so well made! I just love driving them. Traded my 280e in for a 2002 E Class 2.6, but always missed it so hunted for a mint 300e pre final face lift are the best (1995), just found a mint one and bought it! FSH.

11th Jul 2010, 06:38


With relation to fuel economy, I have just replaced the fuel injectors, fuel pressure actuator, fuel pump and fuel accumulator, parts were all cheap and with Haynes manual fitted them all. She now purrs and is a beauty to drive. Best thing anyone can do is buy a Haynes manual on line and get dirty!

27th Oct 2011, 01:54

I have a 1986 W124 Mercedes-Benz 230E. It is a good car for its age, and like many others on here, I am not terribly happy with the fuel consumption. The only problem I have with this car is that its passenger right-side electric window works intermittently.

Some days the window goes up and down fine. On others, not a chance. Any help out there?

11th Mar 2012, 23:16

Hello my friend from Greece. I can assure you that you bought a fine piece of art in the form of an automobile.

I own a W123, year 1984, just like the one you saw crash. I must say that I won't sell my car in what's left of my existence. Instead, I'd rather buy another Mercedes Benz. My target is a W124 model from 1987 up. They are considered the best cars Mercedes Benz built before going a bit commercial with the next MB generations.

I have met people who own E420s and newer models, and they have either sold them and bought W123s or W124s, or just kept them and bought those as second cars.

I congratulate you on your choice. With good and accurate engine and part maintenance, you have a car that will last forever.

Regards from Costa Rica.

15th Jun 2012, 01:39

I am from Malaysia, and I'm an owner of a 230E, and will be in Bangkok soon. If we can meet and discuss things of common interest, please let me know. You can write to me at: banker1949@gmail.com

20th Jul 2012, 09:01

Dear sir, my W124 230e is giving me more than 600km from a full tank. Please use carburetor treatment, two bottles in a full tank, it is about 300ml material, of STP, USA. It will clear your nozzles etc, and will give a good result.


21st Aug 2012, 07:02

Hi, I am also looking to buy either a W123 or W124 in Joburg. Could you please contact me on email muphen at gmail.com. I would like to benefit from any helpful tips before buying one, and possibly have your opinion first before I buy anything. I have seen prices ranging from R15,000 to R30,000, and just couldn't believe they are working vehicles at that price range.

I am also interested to see yours, I mean for only R25,000, that's an unbelievable buy, but congrats, you sure do know how to thrift for these machines.


26th Jul 2013, 16:23

I'm also one of those really considering a W124, although I wonder if this will really be a good decision in this day and age. Since I'm in South Africa, I'm looking at a 230E or 300E. The biggest worry of all is fuel economy. Is anyone still running this Merc? What is your average for city and highway driving?

20th Jul 2014, 14:58

Hi bro, I own a W124 200e, would appreciate it if you can share with me those mechanics that you trust? Thanks a million.

3rd Nov 2014, 23:46

Hi - usually the economy / sport switch allows the car to run either more economically or more responsively. So you should get more MPG if you put it in Eco mode.

19th Nov 2014, 15:30

Colin from Carcol in Greenside JHB are just the best mechanic.


7th Aug 2015, 04:24

Hi. I'm from Malaysia. I have 2 Mercs, a W123 200e 1979 and a W124 230e 1989. I've had no major problems from those two. I'm glad to use Mercs.