20th Aug 2009, 12:25

Hey guys. I am a w124 nut. I have had a few, 280e, 300e. They are so well made! I just love driving them. Traded my 280e in for a 2002 E Class 2.6, but always missed it so hunted for a mint 300e pre final face lift are the best (1995), just found a mint one and bought it! FSH.

11th Jul 2010, 06:38


With relation to fuel economy, I have just replaced the fuel injectors, fuel pressure actuator, fuel pump and fuel accumulator, parts were all cheap and with Haynes manual fitted them all. She now purrs and is a beauty to drive. Best thing anyone can do is buy a Haynes manual on line and get dirty!

27th Oct 2011, 01:54

I have a 1986 W124 Mercedes-Benz 230E. It is a good car for its age, and like many others on here, I am not terribly happy with the fuel consumption. The only problem I have with this car is that its passenger right-side electric window works intermittently.

Some days the window goes up and down fine. On others, not a chance. Any help out there?

11th Mar 2012, 23:16

Hello my friend from Greece. I can assure you that you bought a fine piece of art in the form of an automobile.

I own a W123, year 1984, just like the one you saw crash. I must say that I won't sell my car in what's left of my existence. Instead, I'd rather buy another Mercedes Benz. My target is a W124 model from 1987 up. They are considered the best cars Mercedes Benz built before going a bit commercial with the next MB generations.

I have met people who own E420s and newer models, and they have either sold them and bought W123s or W124s, or just kept them and bought those as second cars.

I congratulate you on your choice. With good and accurate engine and part maintenance, you have a car that will last forever.

Regards from Costa Rica.

15th Jun 2012, 01:39

I am from Malaysia, and I'm an owner of a 230E, and will be in Bangkok soon. If we can meet and discuss things of common interest, please let me know. You can write to me at: banker1949@gmail.com

20th Jul 2012, 09:01

Dear sir, my W124 230e is giving me more than 600km from a full tank. Please use carburetor treatment, two bottles in a full tank, it is about 300ml material, of STP, USA. It will clear your nozzles etc, and will give a good result.


21st Aug 2012, 07:02

Hi, I am also looking to buy either a W123 or W124 in Joburg. Could you please contact me on email muphen at gmail.com. I would like to benefit from any helpful tips before buying one, and possibly have your opinion first before I buy anything. I have seen prices ranging from R15,000 to R30,000, and just couldn't believe they are working vehicles at that price range.

I am also interested to see yours, I mean for only R25,000, that's an unbelievable buy, but congrats, you sure do know how to thrift for these machines.


26th Jul 2013, 16:23

I'm also one of those really considering a W124, although I wonder if this will really be a good decision in this day and age. Since I'm in South Africa, I'm looking at a 230E or 300E. The biggest worry of all is fuel economy. Is anyone still running this Merc? What is your average for city and highway driving?

20th Jul 2014, 14:58

Hi bro, I own a W124 200e, would appreciate it if you can share with me those mechanics that you trust? Thanks a million.

3rd Nov 2014, 23:46

Hi - usually the economy / sport switch allows the car to run either more economically or more responsively. So you should get more MPG if you put it in Eco mode.

19th Nov 2014, 15:30

Colin from Carcol in Greenside JHB are just the best mechanic.


7th Aug 2015, 04:24

Hi. I'm from Malaysia. I have 2 Mercs, a W123 200e 1979 and a W124 230e 1989. I've had no major problems from those two. I'm glad to use Mercs.

29th Dec 2017, 15:29

Hi... I am from Malaysia... my 123 and 124 are my daily use cars. Just minor problems from these two... my stance 124 is doing great with 18" AMG, leather seats... just love your car like your own life... STANCE NATION.

21st Mar 2020, 04:48

I used to own a Mercedes W124 E280 Masterpiece. When you get worse fuel consumption, it can be few things you need to check including the wheel bearings, engine leaks, as well as some minor issues with the automatic gear box. Wheel bearings tend to be the beast here which will help to put stress on the car. The other is the air intake body as well as air filter. The other area that I know is engine oil. If the oil is dirty it can also put pressure on the engine to work hard, hence the increased fuel consumption. Otherwise this is what it is, as these cars have very little electronics.