5th Apr 2005, 11:08

Progress Report on 1986/92 registered car:

SBU9977 - still running fine.

Now 5 years of ownership and only 2 non-starting days in 100,000 km.

OK - new engine fitted at $3,000 in 2004.

Another complete car silver paint job for $900 due to small accident.

Drives so nicely - but fuel consumption is higher than my commercial diesel Mercedes van.

Love it!!!

Only 2 years left of non-renewable COE. sob sob.

9th Apr 2005, 06:22

Dear Steve.

Where did you get your COMPLETE paint job (silver) for just $900?

And which mechanic do you go to?

Anyone has a reasonable mechanic to recommend in Singapore?

By the way>>>>I owe a 200E Mercedes Benz 1992 make, which is a fuel injection Model that is upgraded to look like E200.

It drinks too much - 1 litre, even after I fix the BROQUET device from Uk and after Grounding Wire can afford barely 6-6.6 kilometre per litre.

Is that common?

Anyone has any idea what kind of transmission oil should I use if I were to send it to a normal mechanic? I don't want the mechanic's ignorance to cost me transmission issues 20,000 km later!

Steve, would appreciate your comments.


David Kam

Singapore 02-94244248 (mobile)

Ps - Totally agree that Mercedes is great for cruising on highways. Really nice feeling.

6th Jun 2005, 09:57

End of this story:SBU9977M

6th June 2005 - Some one bought my 200E for $9900.

They got a good deal for 22 months remaining.

Within 24 hours I bought another E200 auto 1989 C&C no sunroof. But with extendable COE for $17,800.

18th Jul 2005, 08:24

Hi Guys.

Interesting page and comments. I run a 1958 Mercedes 180a in Sri Lanka. I have problems in finding parts for this and though I will try in Singapore. Do you guys know any place that handles my vintage type of cars? Any tips would be appreciated and I could be contacted on +94 777 87 2323.



16th Sep 2005, 09:45

Mine a 1991 W124 also had 6km/l fuel consumption. But after cleaning the fuel distributor to the injectors and re-tune the engine, the consumption now is closer to 8.5L/km. Will be glad to know if there are other ways to improve fuel efficiency.

29th Nov 2005, 08:36

Hi Mayura, I'm Mun Chong from Singapore. I drive a 1991 W124 fuel injection and have never had any starting problems after I had my injector nozzles changed. There are 4 of them. You may want to check with another mechanic first, carburettors guzzle petrol. Most likely a fuel line problem. But I'm no expert here.

On a separate note, I have arrived at the conclusion that 8.5km per litre is really quite OK, I sometimes manage 9 km per litre. My main grouse is, the black fan in front of the engine is very loud. Fortunately I can't hear a thing after I close the doors.

1st Feb 2007, 22:34

I have a W124 1992 8V model and recently I noticed that after changing my front tyres 'energy' Michelin tyres to other make, my consumption straight away dropped by a KM/L

I used to get 500km/tank of 60lts and I started doing 440-450 after soon after the tyres change.. anyone experience this?

2nd Feb 2007, 09:32

What tyres did you get? I know Michelins typically have low resistance and can save gas, as well as wear better than cheaper tyres. But the cost is also prohibitively high. Here in Canada, about C$665 for a set of 4 - that's about double many other cheaper brands. Is it worth it? Some swear by them. Bridgestone Turanza LS-Hs are highly touted as well (also pricey), for the w124s. I am looking at a Korean brand named Nexen N5000s - cheap and getting good reviews.

16th Apr 2007, 05:12

Ya, I changed back to Michelin tyres and the consumption is back to 500kms per 60ltrs tank. I got a pair of 2 hand tyres..from the tyre shop with 20 to 30% wear very cheap.. only SGD $40 a piece and that fixed the problem.

16th Dec 2007, 20:21

A hard starting fuel injected Mercedes could be a faulty ECU or the relay that provides power to it is not working.

11th Apr 2009, 23:40

I am motoring on a budget and bought a 6th hand pre-owned MB W124 E200. Yes-siree, that's SIXTH hand. I am its 7th owner. Poor thing had more than 350,000km on the odometer, and is 19 years old (I am advised in car terms that's equal to 95 years in a human!). I bought it at about 10% of its original when-new ticket price, invested another roughly equivalent sum doing up the transmission, gear box, miscellaneous engine-part fixes and replacements etc, and it now runs like new. My mechanic claims the nearly perfect paint-job is original and I do not doubt him - he looks new after a $100 polish-job. It's not for no reason that the British motoring press nicknamed the W124 the Brick S***house or Der Bunker - it's built as sturdily as one! B-)

Pity it also looks as stylish and swishy as a German bunker... ha ha ha.

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