1986 Mercedes-Benz W124 230e 2.3L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Need attention to keep it running after nearly 20 years, but worth it


Radiator tank replaced

Drivers side electric window winder needs replacing (parts $150 after market)

General Comments:

I've had no major problems with this car. Because of it's age and KM's travelled it needs to be serviced and maintained. Fortunately most parts are available after market at reasonable prices. (Full set of rotors and pads, fitted for $500) It's pretty easy to do minor repairs yourself.

Fantastic to drive, but a little slow off the mark with the 2.3l engine. A real cruising machine that still looks good after 20 years. Makes a great 2nd. car.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

1986 Mercedes-Benz W124 200 D 2.0 diesel from Denmark


Very good and reliable


The first time the car wouldn't start (because of a loose wire to the start engine). It has started without problems each time since.

I have changed all brakes and tires because of wear.

General Comments:

The 200 D is not a race car, but on longer rides it is very comfortable. Its ability to accelerate is OK if needed (with a lot of noise), but it feels better to drive it like a limousine.

My car got a new motor at around 500000 km, and this motor has run without problems.

The cabin is all brown, but is it in style.

The bodywork seems in good shape, maybe because it has been treated with anti-rust for the last 10 odd years.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2004

13th Nov 2004, 11:10

Mercedes Benz W124 200D is the best car ever made by Mercedes.

28th Oct 2006, 19:09

I live in San Francisco California (my car is grey market, not for sale in the U.S.). I have an 86 200D 5 Speed. It is a great car until you reach a hill, and it's down shifting until you reach the top.

25th Feb 2013, 23:09

Could you share more details on the W124 200D? I am planning on getting one, but the low spec diesel with only 72 BHP worries me a bit.

I am no speed racer, but I don't want a sloth on the highways.

Your input will be highly appreciated.

Thanks, SRK

1986 Mercedes-Benz W124 230E 2.3 fuel injected from South Africa


Luxurious bargain with great reliability


The magneto blew in the fan clutch, it had to be replaced at a cost of approximately $60 in order to keep the engine temperature at an optimum level.

General Comments:

I've had the car for almost 3 months now and its been a great ride.

It's 17 years old, but it was an inexpensive purchase for such a luxurious car.

It drives like a dream, has no rust on it and seems like the car that will just keep going and going and going...

The only problem is the cost of the parts, very pricey. Someone dinged me and had to pay plenty for a new bumper and brake-light component.

All in all, it's an amazing car and I have no regrets on the purchase.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2003

1986 Mercedes-Benz W124 200E (Carburetor) 2.0L from Singapore


The 'Queen' of the Mercedes Range


Head Gasket Blew so a Top Overhaul had to be carried out at 295000kms

General Comments:

My god I've driven 15 different cars including the newer version C180 Merc.

They don't build cars like they used to this 1986 W124 Carburetor (2.0L) purrs like a beauty a little sluggish when she starts which I hear needs to be started on its second gear (All the W124 autos fm 1986 thru 1990).

It looks and feels like a 'queen' what ever happened to the personality of cars these days? Car cost me S$50,000 with 9 years left to drive in Singapore and I feel this is great bargain.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003

7th Mar 2007, 06:04

How do you know if the Engine Gasket Head is going to blow out on you, any prewarning?

C W Teo.


10th Jul 2008, 10:17

Running noticeably hotter than usual is generally the first sign of head gasket failure.

Having MG Rover on the back acts as a premonition rather than a symptom.

1986 Mercedes-Benz W124 300D 3.0 diesel from Finland


Value for your money and great comfort!


After purchasing the car I naturally did some serious repairing to fix every problem found in the pre-purchase inspection. Parts (OEM, but not from the dealer) cost some 500€, did most work myself and had a mechanic buddy of mine work on the engine.

The initial parts list included engine hydraulic valve adjusters, the rubber parts for the top of front shocks, a couple of joints for the front suspension and since the rear brakes weren't working too good I purchased EVERYTHING possible that was replaceable for rear brakes and handbrake system, except for the calibers for which I just got an overhaul kit.

Naturally I had the oil changed (premium Mobil 1) along with the oil filter, both diesel filters and air filter prior to starting to use the car. Doesn't quite count as a fault, though :-)

Actual problems so far:

The transmission started slipping on 2nd-3rd change. Fixed in a few minutes by adjusting the transmission pressure from the pressure switch on the side of the transmission. Thank you MB engineers! Wish Bimmers had this kind of switches too, would have saved me lots of money on my former 750i.. Cost: 0€

The 17-year old power steering hose busted as I started the car in extreme -33C. Cost a few bucks plus about a litre of ATF220.

There was an unfortunate oil leak right after the oil change. A sort of valve, the kind you see on the coolant system to protect the block from breaking if the coolant freezes up, just on the oil system this time, had been slightly open, blocked by remains of inferior motor oil and started leaking after some driving with the highly cleansing premium oil. My buddy changed it for free, but I lost 50€ worth oil which had just a few hundred km on it :- (

General Comments:

The car has been working like a charm, it started even at -28C WITHOUT the electronic block heater when I forgot to turn it on one morning. It has ample space especially in the trunk, magnificent comfort, typically outstanding German ergonomic controls and I simply love driving it. It is very economical and ecological, I get around with about 7-8 litres of diesel per 100km in winter time using spiked winter tires. Will be interesting to see how the summertime figures are, typical car consumes a litre less in the warm conditions using normal tires.

I've had the car for less than 3 months and nearly 5000km and to my great surprise this half a million km driven (about 300,000 miles at the moment) old diesel clunker still doesn't use up ANY oil. I was sure I'd had to add some since the car has, after all, seen a lot of kilometers in its time.

The parts, even the original ones, are rather inexpensive as long as you don't buy from the dealer, the overall reliability seems unbeatable for a car of this age even if you don't take the mileage in account, economy is great and although 109hp in a car of this size (with auto tranny I might add) by no means makes it a drag racer, it does pack enough punch to make overtaking easy and you certainly can keep up with any regular family-sized cars on the market. I'm glad I bought a 300D and not a 200D after all. ;-)

I have the habit of changing cars on an annual basis or sooner, but I have a hunch that "Snow White" is going to stick around for quite a while. Unless I get an acute case of car fever once again and buy one of those late model -94-95 ones.

Whatever the case, I'm not likely to buy any other brand than Mercedes-Benz cars ever again.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2003

9th Feb 2006, 07:09

Hi I like reading about your 300D and I agree entirely about Mercedes-Benz cars. I am driving a W124 200E of 1991 vintage, petrol driven in Singapore where the average temperature is 29C. I also have had no major problems and none that are very expensive to fix. It's been about a year now owning this Merc and time just flies. Always a pleasure to drive... have you changed your car yet, by the way?

18th Aug 2009, 01:16

I just got a 300d year 1986 with 70 thousand km. What is bugging me is when I'm doing the shift from first to second, the car start to bump. How can I fix it or what is wrong with it?

30th Oct 2010, 18:07

Wait till you buy a 1993 and up Mercedes Benz... your attitude will change!... Everything Mercedes built after 1993 is pretty much close to Kia Quality!... Those old Mercedes were the best, but they have nothing in common with the new series!

Speaking about Kia.. or Hyundai.. they have long surpassed the overall quality of MB!... Only people with big egos will pay the big bucks to drive those (so called) high end cars! Reliability and high quality is no longer part of MB vision!

5th Aug 2011, 20:08

Hi, I'm Hadaina from Nigeria, I'm thinking of buying a MB 1986 200e w124 that is third-hand. Considering its age and handling, how much do you think the fuel consumption (city/hwy) will be?

Also how much would the maintenance cost be in US$ per year if driven everyday?

Useful hints will be appreciated. This is my email


1986 Mercedes-Benz W124 E200 2.0 petrol from Singapore


In Singapore - the obvious choice


Slight leak from rear window, after 14 years some rubber and plastic needed replacing. This vehicle is a UK import taken to Singapore and with 6 owners, it looks like a 1995 masterpiece.

General Comments:

Fantastic car for $35,500 with 2 years COE left. Complete fake - built 1986 looks 1995. Brand new paint, leather and wheels.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2000

26th Jan 2001, 02:14

8 months later - still love my car.

Now 200,500km (on second speedometer).

Very reliable for a 14 year old car - almost better than my VW beetle.

3rd Dec 2003, 10:18

Progress report:

Now at 250,000Km on second speedometer (bought with 190K Km on 2nd speedometer) as reliable as ever - Just tyres servicing, and smaller moving parts (brakes, radiator, battery). COE renewed 5 years to March 2007. so only worth S$16K with 3.5 years to go. Will probably find a home for it in Malaysia in 2007!