1994 Mercury Capri Base Mazda B6 1.6 from North America


Great bang for your buck, very reliable if maintained properly


The only thing that has gone wrong was that the top leaked just a little bit, but it just seemed to have stopped. Also, the A/C quit working, but it only needs a freon system flush.

General Comments:

This car never seizes to amaze me day by day. Nothing, I mean nothing, has gone wrong with this car mechanically, and that's amazing for having over 131,000 miles.

For only having a 1.6, this car is quite zippy. I raced a buddy of mine in his V6 Camaro in a straight drag, and I won by at least 3 seconds.

I live in central, Pennsylvania so there are a lot of great driving roads that go through the mountains around here. This car handles like no other, it always holds the road and never loses grip. I can take corners at like 60 that others would take at 35.

The car has always started first time, even in the cold. The convertible top holds all of the heat in and keeps me warm regardless of the outside temperatures.

I have taken this car from Altoona, Pa to Pittsburgh, Pa, a trip that usually takes 2 hours, and I made it in 1hr 20 minutes. The car has never overheated, its cooling system is more than adequate and very reliable.

For those looking to buy one of these, do not hesitate. This is a rare classic that can be used as an everyday driver. Fuel economy is great with 34mpg highway and 30mpg city. All of the electronics still function perfectly, (power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, stereo etc.).

The only precaution to look for when buying a Capri is to make sure it was properly maintained by its previous owner. But, I have more respect for this little car every day that I own it.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2009

24th Nov 2014, 04:40

How much respect have ya got for it now?

1994 Mercury Capri non-Turbo 1.6L from North America


More fun per dollar than any car out there today, tremendously undervalued


The distributer failed, and I need to replace the belts every year, to keep them from squealing.

General Comments:

I have enjoyed this car so much, I have organized the "Largest Gathering Of Capri Convertible Enthusiasts In The World". Thirty-three cars from eleven states made the trip to Freeport/Rockford Illinois at the end of July for the 4th year. Good Capri information can be found at www.teamcapri.com.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2005

1994 Mercury Capri XR2 turbo from North America


Fabulously the most fun little machine ever made


Window motor had to be replaced, driver side.

Glove box handle missing.

General Comments:

This is a dangerous car, love at first touch and it NEVER goes away.

I've had this car for six years, feels like yesterday and I never want to say good bye.

3 speeding tickets tells the story, had none on my record before that.

Everyone I know suffers the speeding tickets, goes with the territory, you just can't help yourself.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2004

1994 Mercury Capri 1.6 from North America


I love her more than my wife, who's a Texan beauty


Basically nothing, except the driver's side motor needed replacing, at $350.

General Comments:

My car is almost 9 years old, and looks showroom new.

A new top, bra, super glossy black paint job and American racing chrome wheels, really jazz her up.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2002

1994 Mercury Capri 1.6 L from North America


A great car, period



General Comments:

The 1994 Capri is even nicer than the 1991. I know, I have owned two. The only car I would give up my Capri for is a Jaguar XK8.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2001

1994 Mercury Capri Convertible Non-turbo from North America


I owned this car for six years and this is just a sampling of some of the major things that went wrong with it.

1.) Passenger door had small ping marks (i.e., dents). Dealer claimed they could repair without painting. After I didn't have car back for four days I called the dealer and they said it was out being painted. I went to place they told me it was being painted and it was in a guys back yard! He was painting the entire lower half (i.e., below the trim) of the car and the entire right door.

2.) Regional rep. for Ford agreed that they would paint the entire car. I made them agree to take the entire car apart, strip it to metal and rebuild it from the ground up. I didn't get it in writing though. Solution: They took the trim off the car and painted. Tons of "orange peel." They fixed the orange peel but didn't re-assemble car very well. Power windows now had problems along with the door locks. (I became very proficient at using slim jims to break into my own car.)

3.) Transmission rebuilt two times.

4.) Air conditioner, due to O-rings, had to be repaired every single year that I owned the car.

5.) Of course the convertible top leaked terribly, rotted out, and the hardware that moved it stopped working. This was really bad as I couldn't get the top back up and neither could the dealer!

6.) So we put the hard top on until they could figure it out. The hard top REALLY leaked (i.e., two-inches of water on the back floor).

7.) Numerous rattles, which I quit complaining about because with all the serious stuff I didn't want to spend all of my life at the dealership or in a rental car.

8.) Paint peeled.

9.) Dealer cut the rear window and had to replace it.

10.) Dealer wrecked car into a ditch! I was not told the truth about this and researched it on my own through the local police department. What really happened is one of their workers took it home for the night, went out drinking in it, and wrecked it into a ditch! (That last part was at least the truth.) Fender had to be repaired and re-painted. This was right after I got the car back from the major refinishing job.

11.) I'll just stop here.

General Comments:

1.) You may wonder why I didn't sell this car and get a new one sooner? Good question, but I have a great answer: When the regional rep. agreed to repaint the car, I also bargained for their best extended warranty. I didn't actually get the best one in the end, but I did get the one with the $50 deductible, with towing! Anyway, the car only cost me about $800 in deductibles. I had a rental car (paid for by them) for about one complete year during the six years or so that I owned the car. I traded the car in on a Chevy Cavalier, which I've had no problems with.

2.) Don't EVER buy a Mercury or Ford or any car by this company. I know that I have already influenced hundreds of people to stay away from this company! (I come into contact with about 200 people a day in my business and I don't stop talking about how bad this company is.)

3.) Write me if you have any questions about Ford Customer Service or Mercury Capris. I will give you my opinion of both. DelRounds@netscape.net

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Review Date: 26th August, 1999

28th Dec 2000, 13:22

I can only say that you should have researched a little better before purchasing the Capri. The car was a lemon from the start and both Ford and the dealerships know it. They don't like to deal with them because the customer generally winds up unhappy. For what it is though the car is wonderful. I feel it was just sold to the wrong market. You have to almost enjoy working on the car as much as driving it.