30th Dec 2000, 19:20

After reading your review, I get the idea that you had more problems with the dealership than with the car itself. Personally, I like Ford and Mercury cars. But I also know that their customer service is terrible. If you go back and take out all of the stuff that involves the dealership out of your story, you are left with nothing but your ordinary everyday car problems.

I have owned a 92 Mercury Capri since 97 and would not trade it for anything. It's about ready to hit 99,000 miles and still going like it just came off the assembly line. Sure I've had my share of problems with it, but don't all cars give you some sort of problems? ME

20th Jan 2001, 22:47

UNBELIEVABLE what I am reading about my beloved little car. Bought the turbo (XR-2) new late in 93 (was a 93 leftover), and drove it as my only car for 7 years.

Yeah, the top leaked a little here and there. All convertibles do. Had no major trouble with it. I changed the oil and filter religiously, but I drive HARD. Took trips in it, etc. LOVE that car; it now is my weekend car, and I bought a Contour SVT as my daily driver. Love that car too. Both have torque steer (endemic in front wheel drive). Gas to drive, fun, sexy, etc. I plan to keep it for another 10 years!

29th Mar 2001, 20:11

This car is an absolute deal if you can find one!!! My '91 has 140000 miles and is still going strong!!! It kicks butt. Don't listen to this!!!

31st Mar 2001, 20:23

I was originally looking for a Miata and a dealer that I have bought from before suggested the 94 Capri that he had. He had sold a lot of them and said that he had customers that had drove it 200k plus miles. Besides this little jewel was half the price of a Miata and the insurance is cheap. I did some basic work on it,which the dealer allowed for and it was mine. I found a hard top for it that matched the color for 100 bucks. I love the car and will drive it for many more years.

29th Apr 2001, 02:44

Man.. I feel for you..

I wouldn't waste my hate with the company for you obviously had problems with your region. Your Region was to blame ENTIRELY. Here in Wisconsin I recently bought a '97 F150 and the Ford Authorized dealership we got it from has been helpful with the few recalls it has had, yet they could be better. But I would spend my anger into getting your Ford regional manager in trouble for your screw-job Capri.

27th Jun 2001, 22:28

I am 18 years of age (19 in less than a month) and I think its a great car. Mine has 138,000 miles and runs great. I drive it hard and put many miles a day on it (at least 100). I would recommend the car for someone looking for the look without the price. Even though the horsepower is no longer at the top of its class (mine had 100-non turbo), for the time it would whip up any Honda. I am currently considering a turbocharger for my car and any help or suggestions from anyone would be helpful. E-mail me at GOwens3388@aol.com.

24th Jul 2001, 13:31

I have owned two Mercury Capris. My first Capri was a 1991 that I bought used from a local dealer. I put 110,000 miles on the car before I sold it to my oldest brother. That car was spotless at 130,000 miles and ran like new. My oldest brother is still driving it with 150,000 miles on it now.

After selling the 1991 Capri, I missed it so much I traded my new 1999 Cougar for a used 1994 Capri. This Capri has only 80,000 miles on it now. I have driven it about 25,000 miles and it is holding up as well as the 1991 Capri did with 80,000 miles.

Note: I paid less for both Capris than I would have for a brand new Miata in 1991.

11th Oct 2001, 13:13

I'm original owner of 1994 Capri. I love my car even though I did have to have the transmission replaced in 1998. I have 115,000 miles on it and was starting to worry because friends said it can't last much longer (I also religiously change the oil etc.) Thanks for the positive comments on the mileage!!

Oh! There does seem to be one chronic problem -- the heat shield makes noise periodically -- the first time I thought the car was falling apart. Now I just take it in and have it bolted or welded or whatever.

Can anyone tell me where to buy a white hardtop? (Close to Findlay, Ohio.) Also, does the hardtop leak more than the convertible top? And was the convertible top recalled for the rolling on the sides? I never got the news if it was.

10th Jun 2002, 16:18

I happen to adore my 94! just turned 74k this week.

The top leaks like crazy. the heat shield made noise so I had it taken off. I live in Arizona where it get's past 110 and it runs fine. it's a sexy little thing. we see a lot of them out here, all colors.

Anyone know where I can buy a used top. soft and hard?

I did hear the air bags were not the proper size for the 94's...very dangerous. any comments???

Nd in Az.

16th Aug 2004, 09:54

I had been looking for a '94 XR2 for several years and finally found one for sale locally at a buy-here, pay-here lot.

Went to take a look at it, it was in OK condition although it was that icky "magenta" color, kind of like a dark pink, with black leather interior. Had high mileage (120K+) but everything seemed to work OK, although the seat upholstery was starting to split at the seams and the trunk had a fishpond in it.

Although it was no bargain at the price they were asking, I was still interested in it... until I drove it. What a disappointment! It was not all that faster than a NA Capri with stick shift. When you went above 50 mph the whole car felt like it was going to shake itself apart (the dealer said it "needed a front end alignment") Admittedly, the car is now 10 years old, but the car just did not seem to be that well built. Even the Capri aficionados acknowledge that the car requires a lot of maintenance compared to other later-model cars. I can see why Ford gave up on this model after only four years.

Capri fans make a big deal over the fact that they built less than 400 of the XR2's in 1994, their last year of production, which is why they are so hard to find now, although the '94's are not all that different in appearance over the earlier models. Actually, you seldom see ANY Capri on the road these days, a combination of low production (due to lack of sales) and low resale value (meaning they go to the boneyard when something breaks). So if you want to be able to brag that you have a low-production car, then you might be interested, but... they are just not very fun to drive. Low production does not automatically = desirability. There are not very many Yugo convertibles around, either, but that does not mean they were any good.

There's a reason why used Miatas are worth so much more than Capris of the same vintage, and it's not just that Mazda nameplate!