7th Mar 2013, 15:33

I own a Capri also, and I went through 3 belts before we discovered that there's a problem with the alignment of the bolts on the alternator. After replacing a faulty bolt, my Capri has run perfectly ever since.

4th Dec 2013, 14:34

The belt is probably sitting crooked, or most likely, the alternator is not sitting evenly. Look at the belt from a side angle. If it is leaning back too far at either end, then the alternator may be sitting too far back or forward. Be sure the mounting bracket is correct and is not missing or adding anything. A missing alternator bracket spacer can cause the belt to run just a little uneven, and cause it to jump off the belt pulley. It doesn't need to be running to see an uneven belt line up.

4th Jun 2014, 14:32

It's your alternator pulley. Mine was 1/16 off until I found one in a bone yard that was the right pulley.

26th Jun 2014, 11:24

How often do you change synthetic oil? I have a 91 turbo with 74k miles. Love it.

16th Jul 2014, 01:52

I have had the same problem with my '93 XR2. I took it into Ford to get a "Genuine" belt. Unfortunately, they don't make them any more, so everything now is after market. It also turns out that you need to order one size smaller than what is specified by Ford. The "correct" size was too big and quickly started squealing again. By stepping down a size, the adjustment range was more in the middle instead of at maximum, which was too loose. This lesson cost me $180.00, but hopefully it helps you.

16th Jul 2014, 22:21

No, not all convertibles leak. I've owned VW Cabriolets, Saab 9-3s & Chrysler Sebrings that did not and do not leak a drop of water. Even when running them through car washes.

It is a false statement to say that all convertibles leak. I've owned many convertibles over the last 32 years and very few had any issues with water leaks.

16th Jul 2014, 22:48

Well, your Mercedes is the future classic. The Capri? A disposable car with a very poor reliability record.

17th Sep 2014, 18:53

I have a 91 Mercury Capri. I recently installed a new alternator and ever since, the alternator belts have been breaking. I noticed that the pulley is about 3/4" wide, whereas the water pump pulley is 1/2" wide. Could this be the problem why the belts are breaking?

18th Sep 2014, 16:45

The original commenter is correct. All convertibles do leak; he wasn't just referring to new ones.

29th Mar 2015, 18:43

Check your air box. I know if I remove the air filter, mine runs bad.

22nd Apr 2018, 23:23

I have had a 1991 Capri since new. I also have a 1967 Mercedes & a 2017 Abarth. The Capri is an Italian designed (Ghia) roadster that is a lot of fun. Never plan on selling it. Yes, it is costly to maintain & people give up on them too easily. The Mazda engine is bullet-proof. With the Magnaflow exhaust & K&N air filter, the 5-speed non-turbo is fast enough. After 25 years, I finally have the right tires - Cooper.

In conclusion, the pulley alternator belt on the 91s were a recall. Replacing the alternator on a Capri can result in headaches. I will rebuild the current one rather than replacing.