25th Aug 2007, 11:47

I own a '92 Capri. I had to replace my alternator; it is a Bosch. After seeing that I couldn't remove it from the bottom (as this is impossible without removing the axle shaft), as one individual suggested. Mine came out with relatively little hassle by removing the emission crap on top, along with a few small hoses. You need patience and a twist of the unit to remove it, but it will happen. This is with the Bosch unit; there is another make of unit and I don't know if it will come out from the top with that one. Just make sure you remember the way it came out when putting it back in.

25th Aug 2008, 21:20

I have a 1991 Ford Mercury Capri. I would like to say about getting your soft top down. Is that the soft top must be like a bell shape on the bottom before it can be put down and the storage door could be put down, so if you want to put your hard top up back again.

Thank you.

9th Sep 2008, 13:05

Help, I've got a 94 Capri Convertible, and the alternator belt keeps breaking - 5 times now. The dealer said it was the alternator, he replaced it and it snapped on him, then he could not get the alternator belt adjustment correct. Too loose and too tight and car would not start, in my opinion this car is falling apart and garbage, looking for an answer.


10th Sep 2008, 14:37

Hi I have a 1994 Mercury Capri convertible automatic, and it has 120000 miles on it now.

When I start out in Drive, the car goes fine, then first gear and second gear, and once it shifts into third, fourth and fifth the car won't go. So basically if I wanted to drive it and didn't care about it, I would have to drive it in second gear, which I don't want to cuz I don't want to blow it up.

What would it be? Why does it do that? Is it the computer or the tranny cooler; it's not low on fluid. Well any suggestions are appreciated, thank you. My email is cool_J_9999@yahoo.com

24th Nov 2008, 13:21

I have a 92 Mercury Capri Xr2...so far I cannot drive it for about 1 month before it breaks down. 1st I had a problem with the starter... changed it. Then, it would not start at all... found the wire to fix that after several months its narrowed down to 1 wire. Then the right side axle. Then Driver's side Strut. Then the tires. Then wheel alignment. Then the Clutch. $1500 later... now it's smoking...don't know if it's the Turbo or the Engine...

Not to mention, I still need a windshield.

16th Dec 2008, 23:22

I just bought a 94 non turbo with 10700 miles. I love it. It goes as fast as my 1.6 L Honda did and it is fun to drive.

The only thing I have to fix is the heater. I do not think it has a thermostat in it, so I bought one. I think as soon as I put it in the heater will work fine.

As in any used car, you get what you pay for. I paid 1500 dollars for it, and it came with an extra top and frame as well as a hard top.

I really like driving this car. It handles well and has great pickup.

I think I will keep this car for a while. The motor runs like a sewing machine. I used to drive a Capri a long time ago and it was fun too...


14th Feb 2009, 14:02

Yeah, I have a 1993 Capri XR2 turbo. The car is, well I will put it to you this way, you have to have money to have a Capri LOL. It's a very good car and very fast, but a lot of things go wrong with this car.

Other than that, I'm not looking to sell the car right now, but the day might come LOL.

Almost everything on the car is brand new, but not the motor, that is still good, but everything else, yeah all new even the inside of the car.

And I will tell you now, the charging system on the car sucks. I took out the old one and put in a complete brand new 1993 Mustang charging system. Hahaha, break down now.

20th Aug 2009, 10:56

I have a '91 XR2 that I bought 12 years ago with 65,000 miles. I paid $4100 for it in 1997 (that was the wholesale value on it at the time as I work for a new car dealership and it was a trade in).

I put new wheels on it, replaced the driver side interior door handle, put new valve cover gaskets on it a few years ago and new tires after I had it 10 years. I have only put 13000 miles on it so it works out to a little over 1000 miles a year.

I am now arranging for a new top to be installed, and have another oil leak to contend with, but otherwise it has been a really fun car to drive in the summer. It will take its usual place in the garage for the winter, being driven once or twice a month to keep the battery charged.

22nd Jul 2010, 07:12

I just bought a 91 XR2 with 170,000 miles. I've replaced the swaybar endlinks & bushings, new slotted & drilled rotors, new struts, brake pads, fixed the headlight motors, & window switches, new headlights, & changed the oil, anti-freeze-thermostat. Total = 300.00. It was only for A to B and was in pretty bad shape when bought.

Next will be tires, a top, and do something about the paint. Idles a little rough (can't figure that out yet). New plugs, side and rear view mirror also included in total.

Fun to drive, not nearly like the 04 WRX I had, but as they say, you gotta pay to play, and this is a cheapy to fix if you can do your own work. For the $$$ it's worth it. They're keeping good values on eBay. Don't expect huge performance, but it's not slow for a 91. I'll get attached to it then sell. For A to B, get an overpriced old Honda, an old boat or this.

It did sit for 4 years, so this is maintenance, slight looks are later. No real problems, & don't expect any with good maintenance.

3rd Aug 2010, 10:36

Are you sure you got all these parts for only $300.00? You must be getting employee discounts.

For the rough idle, assuming you have done the usual tune up, I suggest the following: clean the throttle body and the EGR ports at the intake plenum. Then give it an engine treatment with "Sea Foam". Don't do this in a residential area, unless you have an issue with your neighbors. Once the carbon is gone your idle will be quieter and your throttle response will be better.

15th Mar 2011, 22:50

I have owned a '91 Capri XR2 since 1994 when I paid $5000.

I'm 61 years old and have driven the car for more than a quarter of my life. In '86, my business was doing well and I drove a brand new 560SL Mercedes for $50k. I like driving the Capri more.

Of course when I moved to Fla. from NJ I made some modifications: free-flow exhaust, perforated air chamber and K and N lifetime air filter. This car has about 147 HP after modifications.

Between 40 and 100 MPH this car is boss on the interstate. After replacing many parts over the years, I've gone as much as 2 years without maintenance expenses. The car has 212,000 miles and I use synthetic oil. The car has original clutch and turbo charger.

This car is a future classic.