14th Aug 2010, 10:25

I agree with the last poster. I'm glad to see that one of these amazing machines found a caring owner willing to turn a couple wrenches and keep it on the road. What you have is the last of an extinct former American icon. The car you have was built to last without the cut-corner design flaws plaguing these newer ones. Not to mention they are actually easy and even FUN to work on yourself. A far cry from what we have now, which is the American automakers losing all their fed-up loyal customers to the foreign automakers. What happened?? Henry Ford would be a VERY unhappy man had he lived long enough to see what's become of our former American "built in Detroit with pride" machines of the past. But it doesn't take a genius such as him to realize what is going on. These automakers are cutting corners in manufacturing and design to save a couple bucks, but all the while they're losing MUCH more money in the long run since they are scaring the customers away and having to fix recalls. Not to mention the steep depreciation now. Capitalism and greed gone awry combined with a dash of laziness and poor work ethic.

I hear some of these newer American-made cars have made some leaps and bounds, Ford and derivatives in particular. This is refreshing to hear. The problem now is we have all these complicated computerized monsters.. Which are all but impossible for the average Joe to easily work on without expensive parts and even more expensive diagnostic equipment. One is inclined to just "give up" and take it into the dealership where they will be charged an arm and a leg for parts and labor and subjected to further unethical business practices. What a shame.

I still drive a 1990 LTD Crown Victoria by the way, and until the end of my days I will stick to the old-school simple designs as long as I can still find one worth salvaging. Thanks for reading.

18th Aug 2010, 21:25

I also own a '90 Crown Vic, but it's only driven from May-November. Winter stored :)

19th Aug 2010, 13:16

The 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen; a practical and reliable full-size station wagon. If you have one, take care of it. Real nice car to have.