1999 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5 Duratec from North America


Ignore the negative reviews


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

The IMRC (intake manifold runner control) is a common issue with this car, and it's just a little box with gears and a motor, that you need to pry open and clean. After that, it won't shudder at all under acceleration.

There's a little vibrating noise in the front fender (passenger side) where the previous owner ran over a curb or something.

General Comments:

The Cougar is fast, and I have some basic horsepower mods lined up. It responds well to mods.

The most important fact I can give you is, DO NOT let these other bad reviews scare you away from a Cougar. They are dead reliable.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

10th Oct 2005, 08:19

Reliable, you say?

Yeah, better be dead reliable for the 2200 miles you've had the car.

Many of us have driven that far in two weeks.

22nd Jan 2006, 15:16

I have had my '99 Cougar for about 12,000 miles now (i bought it with 75,000) and the car has been more than reliable (2.5L V6, 5spd). Don't let the negative hype scare you.

13th Mar 2006, 16:12

If your tire blows then it will make a loud sound, that side of the car will drop down, handling will be a b!tch, but just hold on tight and steer to the side of the road.

I only fear for my life when I'm driving something like my parents RV. I was drivin one time when one of the rear wheels blew. Damn, its like a grenade went off in the wheel well and the belts tore up the underside of the vehicle. And it wallowed back and forth, side to side and I was finally able to wrestle it to the side of the road. Now that's something to be scared of.

But if your car sucks so bad, then sell it.

13th Mar 2006, 19:55

I have a 1986 Mercury Cougar with the V6 3.8L engine.

I get surprisingly good gas mileage. And it is reliable, too.

You don't see many 20 year old cars on the road today... so that says a lot!

22nd Jul 2009, 12:54

I just got my 1990 Cougar a few weeks ago, and it has had the same re occurring problem. My transmission cap fell off for the second time today within the past week, letting all of the oil out and leaving my car dead on the side of the road. It's only a minor problem seeing how the shop is fixing it for free this time, but I will be checking it all the time now to make sure it doesn't happen again.

1999 Mercury Cougar from North America


The worst built car in history


I have had nothing, but problems with this car. The fuel pump died the first week I had it. I had that fixed to the tune of a couple hundred bucks. As I was driving it home from the mechanic, the engine blew.

General Comments:

I have one warning to tell you: don't buy this car unless you are an aspiring mechanic who needs some practice.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

1999 Mercury Cougar from North America


It's a piece of junk


It dies while I am driving it. It will just shut itself off without any warning anywhere from 15 mph to 65 mph. It's never when I am at a stop, it's always when I am in neutral and still moving. It always starts right back up without any problems. I have taken it to about 5-6 shops and no one can figure it out.

This problem just started a few months ago so I guess seeing all the other complaints I have done well to have it last this long.

I also have the same trunk latch problem everyone else has.

At one point my passenger side window would not roll down from my driver side controls.

My AC went out after having the car about 4 years.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2005

24th Jan 2006, 19:55

My cougar was shutting off on me also, Ford has a recall on the fuel pump. That might be the problem, you may want to take it to the dealer, they fixed mine at no charge.

26th Jul 2006, 19:32

This sounds like it could be the camshaft position sensor. A truck at work kept shutting off randomly like you described. We tried everything with the fuel and finally talked to a mechanic who suggested the camshaft position sensor. Wound a new one in, worked like a champ.