1999 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5 Duratec V6 from North America


V6 Cougar + aftermarket parts = Sweet!


I bought the vehicle brand-new in February 1999. I did not have any problems during the first two years.

Third year, front brakes and rotors were replaced.

Front ball-bearings were replaced.

Front engine hood latch broke, was fixed.

Last year (2004), alternator went out, and was replaced by dealer. Some months later the alternator went out again, and was replaced yet again by the same dealer. However, they wanted me to pay labor charges because the alternator they used for the first replacement was not a Ford OEM part, even though they are a certified Ford (Mercury) dealership! Both times the alternator went out, towing charges were incurred, totaling around $400 for both times.

Now it has a humming sound in the engine when first turned on (O2 sensor maybe?). The heater/AC blower only works in max, which can be fixed by replacing the blower resistor, sold only at Ford dealerships or by special order from auto parts stores.

Trunk automatic latch release never did work right, even when I first bought it.

General Comments:

My best advice I can give to 1999 or later Cougar owners is to buy after-market parts whenever possible, especially brakes and rotors. Also use mixed-metal brakes if you can afford them. After-market parts eliminate, or at worst reduce, many of the inherent problems with this car.

Also, if you bought a Cougar without the rear spoiler, do not purchase it from the dealer. Get an equivalent after-market model, they cost half of what the dealer would charge you. Same argument goes for in-trunk CD changers.

I apologize for not specifying mileage for every incident because I would have to look at the service records to get that information.

I guess I consider myself lucky for not having gone through many of the other issues other Cougar owners have faced.

On the bright side, the car has very good power, excellent handling and decent acceleration.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2005

1999 Mercury Cougar V6 from North America


This car and I have synergy!


Within the first couple weeks, I got the recall notice in the mail. When I went to get it fixed, the dealer said the recall only affected a certain amount of the ‘99 Cougars, not all of them. Fortunately mine was not affected, but while they were looking at the car they noticed a small oil leak.

They replaced the gasket, and since the car was still under warranty it did not cost me anything.

About a year later my front passenger Firestone got cut on something while I was going over a bridge, it blew out from the side rather than from the tread and completely ripped up the tire bead. I had 4 all season Falcons (about $60 a piece) put on and haven’t had any issues with tires since. It now has 66k miles on it.

After 30k miles, I decided I wanted ceramic brakes and haven’t had any issues with those either.

General Comments:

I bought my love with 17,800 some odd miles on it.

I feel sorry for those of you who have had problems with their 99’s, I love mine. If I won the lottery I’d like to think I would buy all the well maintained Cougars from ‘99 on and drive them forever.

Everyone who knows me thinks the Cougar was made for me. I had an ‘88 Sable originally. In 2000 right after I got my Sable registered I saw my current baby in the dealership across the street from the Department of Motor Vehicles. What harm could there be in a test drive? I signed the paperwork before I even drove it!

I live in Northern New England and it handles awesome in the snow too.

That time when the tire blew out on me, I was going over 50 miles per hour over a bridge so I had no place to go, and oncoming traffic. The car stayed straight, there was no lurching, only minimal roughness, and I slowed to a perfect stop. When I got out of the car and looked at the tire it was almost entirely off the rim. The stability of this little car is amazing! I would drive it forever if it were possible.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2005