2002 Mercury Cougar XR 2.5 V6 from North America


It's a good car, semi-reliable, handles well, somewhat expensive maintenance


One of the few problems I've had with this car, is that the air conditioning unit is not working properly. I've been trying to get this fixed. I took the car to my dealership, and they ran dye though it to see if there was a leak in the hoses; no leaks were found. It seems that it just doesn't cool off when the temperatures exceed 80 Fahrenheit or higher. Used to cause my car to idle or stall out when idling, that was due to a bad compressor and was replaced. No hesitation when idling now, but it still doesn't cool off the car unfortunately.

Another problem I've had with this car was a horrible hesitation. I've taken my car in several times to the dealership I purchased it from, to have it fixed, and they tried all they could, but couldn't stop it from hesitating. They did manage to bring it down though after several new parts were put in the car. Only hesitates when I go uphill now (assuming it's on cruise control) and when I try to accelerate too hard (commonly happens when I'm getting on the interstate).

General Comments:

I'll be honest, this is the first car I've owned. Handles well, learned a few tricks to keeping the car in good running condition from my father. Took my car into a Ford dealership, and they said my car is in good condition and appears to be in good shape.

Just a fair warning to any new drivers wanting to buy this car. There have been reports of transmission problems on these cars.

The car's handling is good... Really good. The steering on my car is tight and the acceleration is great.

The car's interior isn't perfect in my car, the previous owner seems to have neglected care of the car interior.

Overall, the car is nice to have and comfortable to ride in.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2012

2002 Mercury Cougar 30th Anniversary 6.5L from North America


Don't waste your money


I've had to replace the transmission because it, according to my Aamco guy, "exploded inside itself."

I've had to replace the spark plugs several times.

The suspension is shot and the dealer isn't sure what's wrong with it because "it looks fine."

The electrical system is temperamental at best. Last winter I knew the battery was going, and one day it just didn't start, so I knew it was time to replace it, which I had no problem with as that's part of maintaining a car. However, since then, the battery light occasionally comes on then goes off a few seconds later. Only once has it come on and stayed on, and I ended up driving about thirty miles with the light on. When I checked the battery voltage when I got home, it was right where it should have been for a year old battery -- as if there was nothing wrong. Whenever I turn on a new electical anything, the clocklight dims for a second before going back to full brightness. I'm really just waiting for it to die on me.

General Comments:

It's a beautiful car, inside and out. It's sporty looking and always gets compliments. Mechanically, though, it's crap. Nothing works for very long and even when something breaks, it randomly starts working again, so you never know when it does actually need fixing.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2010

20th Nov 2012, 09:14

That battery light issue is the alternator going out. I've just had to replace that myself, after replacing the battery, and it is a common problem with the '02 Cougar. The fortunate thing is that it isn't all that expensive to fix.

A new battery will keep up for a week or so with a failing alternator, but with the alternator misfiring, as mine did, it will cause the battery warning light to go off and on as if there is a bad connection.

11th Mar 2014, 14:14

I would think that a 2002 Cougar with a 6.5 liter motor would rate better than a 7/10 in performance.