2002 Mercury Cougar XR 2.5L DOHC from North America


If you have cash for costly repairs to keep a fast car going, then get one, otherwise....


At 44,000 miles, the engine locked up. The dealer said that the catalytic converters insides "disintegrated" and the metal shavings blew back into the motor and scarred the engine beyond repair. Little did I know that there was a converter recall. The total repair costs were just under $8000 dollars. It's a good thing that we bought the 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

The paint started to peel on the mirrors and the nose of the car around 70,000 miles or so.

There was another major issue with the engine that no one could ever figure out. It went to the dealer several times for it. But anyway the engine would be running fine and then all of the sudden you would have to put the pedal half way to the floor just to keep the same pace. It was very noticeable when you would downshift from 5th to 4th at about 65 MPH. It felt like you were losing something like 40-50 HP. It would slow down it lost so much power. I despised the car for that.

The spoiler was dry rotted and came off when we hit a hard bump. Warranty covered it.

There was a fuel pump recall. Which I found out about as I was sitting on the side of the highway.

The leather seats started to fade really bad toward the end of my ownership of the car.

When something has to be fixed it will cost a small fortune to get it done, cause there in not a whole lot a do-it-yourselfer can do on these engines they're so tight.

General Comments:

It was an absolutely beautiful car with XR package. Black leather interior with red inserts. Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. Faux hood scoop, large spoiler.

When the car worked right it was wicked fast. So fast that I could outrun older V-8 Mustangs, and all of the new V-6 ones. Top speed is 135 MPH at just over redline in 5th gear.

The sport suspension on the XR Cougar was the bomb! It would hug corners like it was in love with them. Although it did give it rougher ride.

Nice 17" aluminum rims with matching center caps.

The car just plain looks fast, and if you get a cat back exhaust for it, it it sounds great too.

Has 170 HP, but drives and handles like it has 300.

It might as well have just been a 2 seater; there was so little leg room in the back.

The trunk was ginormous.

Good sound system for only being 4 speakers.

Great gas mileage 27-32 MPG.

Cool interior.

SUMMERY: It's a cool car for looks and performance, but it comes with a price tag that rears its ugly head every time the car hiccups.

I would not recommend this car to anyone that needs a dependable daily driver. It is fast and all, just not dependable enough or well built enough to sustain a good rep.


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Review Date: 12th May, 2009

12th Feb 2010, 01:31

There was a recall on the fuel filter, one of the problems it had was a build up of gunk because of a poor design. If you experience problems similar to that, just take it in, tell them your fuel filter sucks ass, and they'll replace it for free.


Your friend, Mike.

2002 Mercury Cougar 2.5 L V6 Sport 2.5L DOHC from North America


Great car if you have time, $$$, and want to learn auto repair


Where to begin:

Transmission - (approx $3500).

Sunroof quit working (wouldn't close completely on passenger side, then just stuck in open position. I had to man handle the roof to get it to at least slide all the way forward) - I am fixing this one on my own.

Computer - $1000 (but I had to find a friend of a friend to be able to get this repair deal).

Electrical system replaced (including ignition) - part of the computer repair.

Tires at least twice a year - started out as $180 a tire.. but I have found a friend of a friend that has cut this to $50 a tire. (yay)

Rotors - I don't even remember anymore

Recently the belt broke off the power steering -$600

CD disk changer has broken twice (this last time the springs on the passenger side are locked inside the player.. so short of drilling a hole in the player to remove it for repair.

The U hooks won't work for it) - First time free a DIY project. Second time $8 for the hooks.

General Comments:

When the car is running, it is great. It handles nicely, once warmed up. Quick to start, but makes up for it after a slow warming up.

Gas mileage is great, although I have added an AEM SRS intake and exhaust.

There is a lot of room, for a sporty vehicle.

I am on my second tune-up, but after spending $600 to repair a broken belt and a power steering pump, I will deal with the poor performance and "funny" idling for a few more weeks.

So far I have spent enough money on this car to have been able to purchase another vehicle. This car has a tricky fuel pump shut off switch. Since the engine is cram-packed into a tiny compartment, the fuel pump is conveniently located close enough to the front bumper. However, if the front of the car is bumped, it automatically will shut off the fuel pump. Make sure you keep the manual, in order to locate the fuel pump switch.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2008