19th Mar 2009, 00:59

My 1999 Cougar has had the check engine light problem as well. I have had difficulty "Smogging" the car (Required in California). My last attempt to smog cost me $300 in stuff my husband tried to do and $550 a smog repair shop did, finally it passed. Unfortunately the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT came back on about 3 weeks later. I called the shop, they said blah blah.. nothing to do with what we did, could now be a new problem.

My real engine seal is going BAD. I've tried multiple pour in (Stop Leak) products and nothing seems to work. I mean some work slightly then a week or so later, the drip and smoke billowing out the grill is back. I hear that can cost $1200 to fix! Anyone???

This check engine light is back.. it's SMOG time again.

I can clear codes with a code reader, and someone posting above said you can TRICK A PASS bringing it in right before the light would come back on?


14th Apr 2009, 13:24

I hate this car! It is a piece of crap! Bwahahaha. Seriously... don't buy one!!!

1st May 2009, 17:36

AMAZING info. to report about my CHECK ENGINE LIGHT

I changed the gas cap and it went out!

It was on for most of the last two years, but on a rare occasion, it would go off for a few days, but then always come right back on and remain on for weeks, months even.

I did however notice there was a connection between when I gased up and the rare times the light went off.

I decided to get a new gas cap.. and VOILA! The light went off!

This was especially interesting since in California we are required to have a car smogged (check emissions from computer data) With a check engine light, it couldn't be done until the problem connected to the check engine light was resolved and the light was OUT.

26th May 2009, 08:30

My son has a 99 Cougar and just loves it. Our problem is it won't pass inspection but the scanner will not tell us what codes are bad. It's really weird and the engine light has never been on. We've been told he needs a new computer, but also told only certain computers work in certain cars based on the VIN. anybody out there have some advice for the mechanically disinclined???

25th Aug 2009, 17:05

Bought a 99 Cougar in 2009. It is a V6 manual. Bought it with 120,000 miles for 2000 bucks. Within 3000 miles clutch blew out; had to spend 1600 dollars to get it fixed. Also had to replace water pump and serpentine belt for 200 bucks. So I spent 2000 for it and spend 1800 within months for it to fix. Gas mileage is OK, averages only 20 mpg. Car is OK, not great, check the little things before you buy any car with at least 90k miles.

26th Sep 2009, 22:07

Interesting that you mention serpentine belt, at my last oil change they noted mine needed to be changed. But I've had my car for 9 years, put very little into it.. (less than you just did in yours) I'm more accepting now of things that need to be done.. however, if it gets to be too expensive, I'll donate it and be done with it.

27th Jan 2010, 19:00

I just recently bought a 1999 Cougar. I love IT! I am a car lover at heart, and the mix of style and power is a nice combo.

For those with the engine light problem, you can take the car to any Advanced Auto Parts or Auto Zone, and they will run the computer diagnostic for free, which allows them to reset the code. It may also tell you why the light is on. Mine was on for an EGR valve... 50 bucks later and no problems.

13th Feb 2010, 12:31

I agree the engine light that stays on on the left side of the panel isn't the engine light, but the emissions light. When mine came on (it is still on) the codes threw out 15 different things to check/replace. LOL Even the gas cap isn't on right or the dip stick is upside down :) My moon roof has never worked. It is good that it is in the shut positions. The headlight lens covers need to be replaced or treated because you really can't see well with them in the dark. I thought they could have spent a little more to design covers from real glass instead of something that will fade or pit.

This is for the one who said they get 30 miles to a gallon in their V6? I can only get that when I am going down hill. I've never seen anything over 22 and most times it is around 18 miles per gallon. You would think such a small car would be good on gas. Well they really did a number on the tranny software with how it shifts. Mine goes into overdrive before 40 miles an hour and the car starts to shake. the remedy? Step on the gas a little. Was thinking about getting a different chip set to see if that would help. Sometimes it is just a matter of soldering in a little resistor to tweak the CPU.

Don't get me wrong. I actually do like my car. I just wish their wasn't so many problems with it. It is one of the peppiest car's I owned. And growing up I had the ultimate muscle car. 1970 Chevelle SS454. Don't like to say this, but I think the Cougar would get it off the line. That would be it though. LOL shifting the 454 into second would be the end of the Cougar. :)