1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5 Liter Duratec from North America


I love my Cougar, it is power and common sense


Replaced O2 sensor at 100,000 for check engine light. Did not fix light.

Replaced EGR valve at 100,000 for check engine light. Worked temporarily and got the inspection for the year. Ignored light for rest of year.

Noticed passenger controls are intermittent for window, but I rarely have passengers. Ignore fault for the most part since I can control window fine.

Trunk release is weak. I hope I never leave my keys in there on accident, since you must pull up as the button is pushed.

Driver side window control inoperable at 103,000. Window is up and I let it go for the time being (autumn of 2005).

Attempt to clear codes in computer for inspection. Car reading EGR flow insufficient and fuel mix too lean. I reset and cleared the codes at Autozone until the car is reset, and have the inspection done JUST before the light comes on again. 27 average MPG... not complaining.

Hit large dog with front right bumper at 137,000. Replaced entire front bumper for $800.00 from used parts. Looks great.

Replaced front rotors at 139,000. They are incredibly expensive since the little car has a big motor. Turned rear rotors and replaced brakes all around.

Replaced rear struts at 141,000. They are loud and bottomed out. Crappy manufacturers parts.

Cleared the same old codes prior to inspection at Autozone. I took it to 4 different garages before the car computer was "ready"- I caught the Dodge dealer trying to fix my car to have a license plate bulb out to milk a few dollars from me for the inspection. Very dirty business, but I am sure it works on plenty of girls.

Replaced valve cover seal for minor oil leak 149,000 miles. Mech saw that the EGR valve was clogged and cleaned. I also had the plugs and wires replaced since it takes a bit of effort to replace the rear 3 plugs. CEL is GONE!!!

Transmission (auto) is increasingly erratic 149,000. Found Throttle Position Sensor bad, cheap to replace and fix compared to the auto tranny.

Decided to replace window motor for driver side 150,000. Worked for a week. I see that the door panel has been opened before since there is a used red mech rag inside. Suspect electrical load is burning motor, hooray. Now it is stuck open.

General Comments:

I love my Cougar, but I wish it was manual.

It handles beautifully for a car of its size. I am a taller skinny female and the ergonomics are perfect. I have even utilized the back seat daily for my young son, but it takes some muscle to place him in a car seat. Now that he does it himself it is a breeze (the seats operate by hand easily for a 4 year old). The back seat comes out easily, and the fabric is durable and clean and when hosed off it will resist being vomited on. There is a TON of trunk space. Even though I have sunk some money in it for maintenance, it has been well worth it for the combination of power, reliability, and mileage. I just hit 150,000 and I easily pull 29 MPG with most of my miles in the city. After a battery reset I average 33 MPG highway with a 6 cylinder... not bad!

It is a decent user car if one is willing to put up with the common faults and spend the money, because the engine is a hoss and the body is just as resilient with care. I do not like the fact that I need to use 2 X 4's to ease it onto my ramps for an oil change, so I take it to the shop. General tune up things are better left to the garage in my opinion because of tight engine compartment. However, the car is overall extremely reliable and a pleasure to drive. I feel like a hot mom not a soccer mom driving. I have had this car out on the remote curves and kept pace with the mod. car crowd. I also drive a Yamaha R6, so I appreciate handling and power.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2008

10th Mar 2009, 12:24

Hey, I just read the review, and I was smiling and shaking my head in agreement. I own a 1999 Mercury Cougar, and have had her for 4 years now. She is just a few hundred miles under 200,000.

My driver's side window has not worked since I have had her, and the check engine light has been on from the beginning. I have replaced several things, and the light goes off for a short while, but inevitably comes back on.

I have recently replaced the strut and strut mounts. I have had problems with the trunk latch from the inside... you have to have your hand pulling on the hatch from the back, while someone is pressing the button from the inside.

My car is leaking oil from the front cover, and the power steering pump seems to be having problems now.

I replaced the trannie in it 6 months after I got her, and it seems to be doing great.

I have the couple of little things wrong with her, but I think if I were to get them fixed, she would e a great car for awhile longer.

But with such a tight compartment around the engine, it is expensive to repair.

Overall, I love this car very much.

1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5L V6 from North America


Mercury Cougar aka 'Money Pit'


First, this is probably the worst car that I have ever owned in my life. The amount of repairs that I put in this car could have been used to buy a second car, but I stuck with this car and took care of it well (stupid choice). If I had read the stuff on this site, I wouldn't have gotten a cougar.

I have similar problems like everybody here. I had to replaced the flywheel (part s- $100 labor - $2,100), 6 oxygen sensor ($150 a piece), catalytic converter ($800), 3 starters ($300 a piece), 5 batteries (120 a piece) and countless other repairs that I have a book to show for in 8 years of owning this car.

The latch on the back doesn't open with the remote keys, and the blower only has the maximum setting because of a failed resistor.

This car drinks gas, and this summer it won't start when it's really hot. I thought it was a main relay problem, vapor lock (unlikely) or the electronics being affected by heat and humidity, but it was a bad gsr solenoid. The car won't start when it's very hot only when it's cool outside. The insulation outside warps (expands on heat) and the fog vents on the windshield moves around.

I would never buy an American car ever again! No wonder they are losing to Honda, Toyota, Mazda etc.

It's a nice looking car; I owned it for 8 years, but it has no reliability at all. I missed work and school because of this car! Buyers beware!!

General Comments:

It's very stylish, but this car is a bad case of engineering, no reliability and piece of junk metal.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2008