1st Mar 2009, 00:36

I bought my 2000 Cougar about a month ago. Nice looking car. But I wish I would have read the reviews on this bucket of bolts.

It seems they borrowed pieces from other cars. Mainly engine parts, and threw this car together.

My car last week went into a fast idle @ about 3000 rpms. Came to find out the EGR valve is plugged, may have caused the fast idle speed.

Another code that popped up was a catalytic converter is plugged. When I was reading reviews about this car on another web site, it does not have one but three. What a stupid idea of putting in three.

Another stupid idea for design was to put the alternator at the bottom of the engine. I read where someone had an oil leak from their valve cover and replaced the gasket. They said that fixed the problem.

A lot of problems with battery and alternator, and flash dash board lights and head lights. This car is full of little gremlins.

Forgot, the sun roof tends to have trouble with binding up. They said to put a little white grease on the glider rails.

This little cat has a lot of little fleas. Or should I say fees. It is worse than my boat.

25th Nov 2009, 07:56

I am having same problems... a lot of problems.

I am first owner of this car... at first no problems. Up until about 2 years ago.

Today problem one... car doesn't want to start... you can hear it trying as you turn the key... but just not kicking on. Sometimes it does.

My dashboards lights are blinking.. with the one that lights up the time now totally shot and not working.

Battery light comes on and off as it pleases... oh and the other day, had air bag lights blinking on me.

I just changed about 2 months ago and put in new alternator, spark plugs, spark plug wires... and was fine up until today. Really getting frustrated with this car.