14th Aug 2006, 12:24

I have a 93 Cougar XR7 3.8L with 160,000 miles. The engine has never been touched. Uses no oil or antifreeze. Everything on the car still works perfect, except the power sunroof is a little rough operating.

The only problem I have with the paint is where the hood got buckled in an accident. The car was never garaged or parked for the winter, so the rockers are shot and it needs new bushings in the front end. It has been a very good and dependable car.

However, I can only get 23 mpg out of a gutless 3.8L, that's highway, whether you drive 60 or 90 mph or anywhere in between.

It has been used for emergency trips to the hospital, and will do well over 125 mph.

30th Oct 2006, 18:44

I have a 93' Cougar since April 06' and I love it. However I have had many problems with her. I understand she's an old car, don't get me wrong she's lots of power left in her and most of her electrical treats still work, but she's been trouble since I got her. I had temp sensor problems and I got the head gasket fixed ($1000.). The she began overheating again thermostat ($5.) was replaced, than the water pump ($80.) died, got that replaced. Now the front end and rear suspension is going ($1500). Needless to say didn't do the suspensions yet, but I love her so I will try to get a better estimate on that problem. Outside of all the problems she's roomy, power everything, peppy, and very comfortable. It's like drivin my couch down the road at 75 mph even with the suspension problems. Oh yeah she makes all kinds of crazy noises, which I was told was the cat converter on its way out ($500.). I still love her and will probably fix anything at this point cause shes my baby!!!

3rd Nov 2006, 16:01

I unfortunately have to have my 1993 XR7 Special Edition Cougar hauled off - rear driver wheel hub rusting through and the shock plate broke and it cannot be welded because there is nothing to weld it to due to the rusting. According to my body shop, that particular year is notorious for rusting underneath like that (even though my car is "rustproofed").

Other than that, has run like a top and I really REALLY hate to have to get rid of it-only 105,000 miles. This is my 3rd Cougar in 28 years - the last one was an '83 with $163,000 miles.

11th Jan 2007, 16:08

I've got a '93 XR7 cougar, with the v-6, automatic with shift kit. I've done some very minor work to the engine so far, as of the moment I have a blown head gasket, I currently have 115734 miles on it and one of the major problems I am having is the driver-side rear bearing keeps going out on me. Other than that, I have dusted many of the new v8 mustangs with this car in the quarter mile.

31st Jan 2007, 12:04

I own a 1994 Mercury Courgar XR7 with 162,000+ miles (odometer stopped working four or more years ago. When I start the engine and while its sitting in park (idle) the engine revs up on its on as if I'd applied pressure to the accelerator. It idles back down to the normal range. This continues even while driving. Imagine the looks when you're in the drive thru, and you start burning rubber behind the other cars in line.

1st Feb 2007, 13:33

1993 5.0V8 HO.

I love this car to death! I have had to replace a heater switch, replace the lights behind the digital dash, and I have have a slight coolant leak. Other than that, there are no problems with my car. The V8 has a lot of punch... it gains steadily untill the 175km/h limit. My car only has 140,000kms on it, so it still has a great amount of life left in it. Paint is fine, interior leather trimmed seats are like new. This car won't keep up with a 5.0 mustang, but it will take many imports to the cleaners in a race. I average 25mpg on the highway. ALL the electronic options that my car came loaded with still work. I feel like I own a NEW 93 cougar, hahah.

17th May 2007, 13:11

This review for a 1993 mercury cougar XR7. This car is great, the last of a dying breed. Nobody makes big rear wheel drive cars anymore. It handles great and has a ride that you cannot duplicate (even with a bad bushing). It has sharp looks in the front (the rear could look better... but it also does not attract police attention) and it has a high "fun to drive" rating.

The bad side is the 3.8 V6 has not enough horsepower even with an intake and a chip. The torque is fine and develops very early, so normal driving is fine. But it you want to get a burst of speed you had better plan ahead. Even the transmission works against you with its slow shifting and strange gear ratios. Just leave it in drive, and accelerate from 50 mph on. The car will feel faster.

Other than that, this particular car has had many problems which may have been due to a crazy driver before I had it; HOWEVER the car will rust like crazy no matter who owns it.

I still loved this car.

2nd Jan 2008, 15:18

I have a '93 Cougar. It is blowing cold air out of the heater. I have replaced the thermostat and added coolant. It will blow warm air for awhile, then it starts blowing cold air. Can anyone help with this problem?

22nd Jan 2008, 21:42

Yes, your problem is more than likely a blown head gasket. Read the comments prior to this and you will see several have the same problems you have. I have a 93 Cougar given to me and doing the same as yours and I am sure I will have to replace the head gasket.

21st Feb 2008, 13:09

I bought a 1993 Cougar from an auction, and it turned out to be a bucket...

Me being stubborn, told everyone I will not sell it...

Done many minor engine jobs, now am having the engine replaced...

Yeah, too bad for me..

Reason being, I know that when I get it over with, set it up, put some wheels on her, respray it, music system, and everything..

I will end up having a nice car...

And yes, am just 18, so I think it's worth working on, build my knowledge on cars and will learn to appreciate it later on...

24th Feb 2008, 18:01

I own a 93 cougar with the 3.8L. I love her to death.

If you have time I can suggest ways to improve yours, and increase performance without doing a complete overhaul.

I read about a lot of people complaining about lack of power. Let me state this right away, that engine has more than enough power for that car.

If your concerned about power, put a fiberglass hood on her. This drastically reduces the overall weight in front and improves handling.

The biggest quark in the ford 3.8 design are the manifolds. They have a 1 3/4" primary to a 1.7" collector. This is why the engine blows head gaskets so easily. The exhaust cannot escape fast enough when the car is under load, so it backs up and will blow a weak head gasket. The easiest way to fix this problem is replacing the factory manifolds with performance headers that have 1 3/4" primaries to 2.5" collector. This will also give you about a 20hp improvement.

The factory exhaust also restricts flow with a 90 degree bend on the drivers side down tube, and pinched piping coming out of the resonator. My suggestion would be to go to a 2-1-2 high flow 3" cat-back exhaust.

By putting a shift kit in the transmission, you can choose your own shift points and bypass the sporadic shifting of the factory transmission.

And if you want better starting, performance, and increased gas mileage, slap in some Bosch platinum 4 spark plugs. Also suggest Screamin' Demon coil pack.

Those are a few improvements that will increase performance, and maybe you will change your mind about this engine being gutless.

(I am not saying these enhancements will be cheap, but if you want more out of your car, and still get better gas mileage than a V8, its worth it.)