13th Jan 2009, 09:45

I have a 99 Cougar that I bought in Jan 08 with 37,000 miles, now has around 45,000. I bought it for 5100.

I have not had that many problems as other people. The alternator and battery problem was horrible, but luckily my dad knew some one to fix it, but it took almost a day because of the way the engine sits.

My moonroof motor went out, got it fixed.

My back brakes needed to be replaced, fixed that too.

For the third time my check engine lights on, I just let it stay on. Don't even use the cupholder.

Factory stereo buttons were warping, I put in a new CD player. I love my Cougar to death, but I'm scared of what will happen next.

26th Jan 2009, 22:28

99 Cougar V6 Manual Loaded

I bought this car from my dad in January '08.

My dad purchased this car off the sidewalk at our local Mercury dealership with 11 miles on it in Sept. '98.

1. His first problem wasn't for about 4 years when the alternator went out coming back from a concert @ 2am.

2. The next problem he had was the sunroof issue, except his was stuck in the 'vent open' position, making an immediate repair necessary.

3. Brakes seem to wear a little quickly as 4 sets of brakes all around and needing a 5th set when I receive the car.

4. I've had a couple electrical anomalies develop over the last year of ownership. RR signal stops working for minutes, hours and days at a time then spontaneously starts working again. Bulbs replaced and wiring visually inspected with now avail. LF low beam harness lost power. I was moving my car turned my lights on, both on, I pulled into the driveway, left shuts off. Still no resolutions besides aftermarket harness using 12v supply on right side to trip a relay.

5. Clutch slave cylinder went out. This requires the transmission be pulled for installation. I had a new clutch installed since the tranny was open (110K miles on first clutch).I don't see too many people on here with this problem, but I have talked with countless others with the same problem on a couple forums; that's how I diagnosed it in the first place.

6. 10 minutes after picking it up from the shop (the clutch and cylinder job). Hot day... car starts to get a little warm (just under 3/4 on the gauge) climbing a hill in stop and go traffic, so I cut the heater on and bring it down. As I'm pulling off the exit ramp the car shuts off so I coast to a gas station. Turns out to be the main engine fuse, includes starter and all!!

7. Speed sensor just melted one day... harness and all. I had to clip a harness plug from a junk car to repair, as well as replace the melted sensor itself.\

8. I'm working on #8 AND #9 right now. The exhaust starting making a funny shuddering noise, almost like it is hitting the framer or the parts when turning it wraps against something, full inspection on a lift. Don't know if it is internal or not. Could not replicate it unless driving. #9 is at least 2 wheel bearings going out at once. While I think a third is near (subtle grinding).

Overall I LOVE THIS CAR!!! But I do not love the problems I have had. Good luck with this car if you should choose.

It's your decision.

18th Feb 2009, 13:49

2000 Mercury Cougar.

"LOVE IT", bought it brand new and still have it, knock on wood, nothing went wrong but the sun roof. I never had a problem with her except now from the sun, the stripping on the front driver and passenger door is starting to pit, anyone know where I can find new stripping?

23rd Feb 2009, 22:56

I have a 1999 Cougar... nothing but problems... however, there are a few I can't get any advice or guidance on, if anyone has any hints or help it would be appreciated!!

1. When I turn the headlights on, only the dash lights come on. The headlights don't get any brighter. I find it very difficult to drive on nights as my lights are so dull... I'm wondering if I'm running on daytime running lights only... is this normal?

2. The gas sticks if I accelerate too quickly. The car hits 2000 rpm and stays there, and when I put it in neutral to shut it off, it revs til it almost blows the motor. It sucks being afraid to accelerate =( I've even sacrificed my cruise control in an attempt to fix the problem. Ford told me they had no idea what could be wrong.

3. My trunk button doesn't work in the car or on the keyless entry. Terribly annoying.

4. My drivers window switch is extremely finicky.. bought a new switch and still doing the same thing.

If anyone has some guidance on my issues, it would be greatly appreciated!! =)

22nd Mar 2009, 14:02

I have a 2000 Cougar. It has 123000 miles on it, and yes it had it problems.

Inside fan for A/C and heater low mid, but high works fine... Ford wanted 75.00 just to look at it. It is a 15.00 fix resistor pack...

Alternator went bad on my second, still have the flicker problem...

Yes, the gas tank has a fuel pump problem, it was fix under warranty (the pump does not supply enough) fuel when car is accelerating or on corners. This issue Ford knows about and will fix up 100,000 miles. The car still looks great.

16th Aug 2009, 17:04

Hi, I have a 99 V6 Cougar and I haven't had as many problems as everyone has stated.

I did have a problem with sluggish acceleration, but that was easily fixed my cleaning out the throttle body.

When I had bought my car, it had sat in the driveway for about a year, so I expect what problems come to me. So far I have only had to replace the tranny cooler lines as they were rotted out, which is normal wear and tear.

The cup holder is horrible, but I've learned to live with it along with the trunk latch.

I have not once had my check engine light go on or any problems with the windows or sunroof. I put new tires and did alignment when I got the car, and I have had no problems with them wearing down.

For the most part my gas is usually under half a tank, and I have never had a problem.

The only problems I currently have is my starter is starting to go; that's pretty much it. It's hard to believe a lot of people have had soo many problems with their car.

28th Dec 2009, 22:38

I have a 99 Mercury Cougar and have been reading about all the issues of this car for years. I am willing to work with anyone who is interested in seeking help with the Lemon Law as it pertains to all these issues.

I have a feeling that we have something here. Can we all get together and pursue this? Let me know.

Tony Jurado


26th Jan 2010, 18:42

I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar with automatic transmission that I received 6 months ago as a graduation present. I was in love. And then as soon as it hit 50,000 miles, the problem began.

The check engine light and transaxle light came on together, and then each time the car would shift, it would buck forward.

I took it to a shop and got a diagnostic run on it, and they recommended a new solenoid valve in the transmission.

I got that done a week ago ($600 fix), and as I was driving home from the shop, the transaxle light came on again and the bucking began.

I'm taking it back to the shop tomorrow, and hopefully we can find the real problem.

I love my Cougar, but after reading about everyone else's problems, I don't think it's a car that's worth keeping.