3rd Feb 2010, 20:52

I have a 1999 Mercury Cougar that I bought in 2002, and up to today it has been the MOST reliable car I've ever had. Frankly, I'm amazed at all the horrible things people are saying about it, because I drive this car a lot (including twice cross-country) and it has very rarely let me down. I'm at 151,000 miles and I don't see why it won't keep going as long as I continue with the usual maintenance that I've always given it.

However, I will say that I too have experienced some of the minor annoyances that others have, such as;

- Bad trunk latch (oh well, gotta use my key)

- Horrible cup holder (don't use it anymore)

- AC/Heater fan only works on 4 (1 2 3 don't work - weird)

- The never-ending check engine light (cost a ton to fix)

- Brake pad light stays on (dealer wants WAY too much to fix)

Basically that's about it. Having owned this car for going on 8 years, I of course have had a couple of major jobs done when it was needed, but I also did all the "routine" stuff periodically as well (oil, filters, battery, etc).

Now as for people's complaints about the tires... listen folks, this is a "sporty" car, and if you're gonna buy a sporty car one thing is guaranteed... you WILL pay more for tires. Why?? Because the sizes are different for one thing. Also (and this is especially true if you're a young adult) when people drive a sporty car they tend to drive it very aggressively, which means... quicker tire wear! Throw in the fact that some people tend to drive forever without bothering to get an alignment and it shouldn't surprise you that the tires have worn out. So I find this "tire complaint" silly and it has nothing to do with the car itself.

Overall I've been very happy with this car. No, it's not a Corvette, but it's never been a clunker either, and while I will be buying another car fairly soon I am not getting rid of my Cougar. It still looks great inside and out, and it just keeps on going. I'm sorry if others haven't been as fortunate.

13th Feb 2010, 11:57

This is an interesting topic. I have a 99 Cougar. The emissions light is always on. When being diagnosed, for the light, there were almost 15 things to check. Even if the gas cap was on right. What was the funniest was that it will come on if you put the oil dip stick in up side down. LOL.

The hatchback is out of whack door open light always on because of it. NOW, had it coded today because all the brake lights came on. The traction control light the ABS light and the big red brake light! The speed sensor on the right rear in the back is faulty. The guy who coded it said that those are connected to the wheel bearings? I thought oh man there goes a hundred bucks!

I really like my car, but where I live it isn't very kind to it. I went through the car wash last week after the snow and when I got home I couldn't believe what I saw. The whole underneath of the right side rocker panel is rusted out! I mean it looks like it could be structural damage and I'm sure I left a nice mess in the car wash. Oh, I bought this car last summer and found out this winter there is a difference between summer and winter tires. :) Who ever put the fronts on didn't get all season just high performance. The first time the show flew was a very interesting experience. But now since that sensor is out, the traction control doesn't work either.

Now to the stereo install. I took all of it out of my last car to put in this one, and am finding out getting the right wire harness for it is becoming a nightmare! The one that was in the old car was put in by Circuit City, and they told me when I wanted to get a new car just bring it back and they would swap it out HEHE. A little problem at the moment.

So I figured Best Buy would carry the harness for the unit and the adapter kit. That is where I was wrong. Told the installer (that is what he thinks he is) what I needed and he went and came back a half hour later with what I needed. My mistake for taking his word for it. Popped the unit out, opened the harness kit, here are 2 connectors with about 6 inches of wires sticking out of them. I thought WTF? I didn't pay 22 dollars for something I would have to end up soldering anyways? I took it back and the guy said that is the right one for it. I brought the unit I had along with the harness I had and said are you telling me you carry complete harnesses? I got a look like I was crazy and he said no. This guy was so out there. I had been looking online at them and knew what I was trying to get. He tells me that CC was the only place who carried them? I said OK, sorry to have wasted your time. Hehe. The unit adapter kit wasn't the right one either. He gave me a 2 DIN kit and I only needed a 1. So I did find out that I will never be taking my cars to Best Buy for anything.

16th Mar 2010, 19:42

I have a 99 Mercury Cougar, and it is straight up junk.

6th Apr 2010, 14:07

Hi everybody!

I love this car, my cute Cougar-Boy!

I bought my Cougar 1999 V6 2,5L in 2004 in Finland with 56k miles. Now he is at 90,600 miles.

Biggest problem was with engine control light. Couple times I paid for checking this problem until some Finnish mechanic suggested to add into gas tank injector cleaner. I add it twice a year and now the problem is gone.

Now it is time to replace the rear brake shoes, but there are two types: 9" and 8". I would be very much appreciate it if somebody could tell me what type of brake shoes are right for my Cougar. We have had a very cold winter this year, and my Cougar just once didn't started at -22C degrees.

Regards to everybody from Finland!


11th Aug 2010, 01:01

I own a 99 Mercury Cougar and have a lot of issues. I was driving and it just stopped running. I changed the fuel pump and the anti theft system and now the PCM. They say it is reading a code of P1213. Wow, what else can go wrong?

Any suggestions why this car won't start. I have spent all the money I can. I am single and expecting my 1st child. I can't afford to spend any more on this car!


2nd Dec 2010, 19:49

I have a 99 Cougar, and it blows! I got it in 2005 from a used car dealer... that's another story. I have put at least 300-500 in repairs every year I have had it.

The car eats through tires to no end. I said screw new tires a long time ago, and now I only buy used.

The windows are slow, the warning lights stay on for everything, the cup holder sucks, and I have a puddle in the backseat on the passenger side every freaking time it rains, even though the sunroof is completely closed.

The car just died on me a few days ago; I'm told it's the fuel pump, but could also be transmission problems. It has 133k miles, and well beyond even worth fixing. Bleh. Do NOT buy this car!