29th Feb 2008, 22:06

Hi, I just recently bought a 99 Cougar and have already had battery problems, my sunroof leaks water big time, and when my car is cold it makes a loud humming noise, but goes away when it heats up.


7th Mar 2008, 06:04

I've got a 2000 cougar and it makes this loud air noise when cold start up. Goes after 3 minutes. Any suggestions?

18th Mar 2008, 23:40

I have a 1999 Cougar, I loved it when I bought it. I haven't had as many problems with it as many others but I have had my problems. Had to replace the alternator 3 times, the firs time was 3 days after I bought the car, the blinkers don't work, don't know what is wrong with it and my engine light is on. The dealer says it is just the oxygen sensor that I shouldn't worry it won't cause that much of a problem but is has now! The AC fan works when it wants to. So we have to hit it from time to time to get it started. Don't want to pay for a new fan, plus when it is on a lower setting it makes a funny noise threw the speakers, and messes up the radio. My husband and I are counting the days until we can get rid of it.

28th Mar 2008, 07:21

OMG, everything I read you guys said is true. I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar; the trunk struts don't work, had to replace spark plugs and wires, the alternator had to be replaced, it has transmission fluid and oil leaks, and the intake manifold runner control has to be replaced, the windows go up slow, the sun roof don't work, replaced new tires twice.

This car is seriously nothing but a big headache.

28th Mar 2008, 22:58

I wish to post regarding the slick '99 Cougar I purchased recently. It is silver in colour with a kick a$$ sunroof. It runs great except when I try to accelerate hard from the lowest gear.. starts sluggishly. I want to make this vehicle my hobby car and do repairs myself. It is an automatic. What could the problem be? possibly the fuel pump?

21st Apr 2008, 13:06

I've owned my 99' Cougar since driving it off of the showroom floor in 99' and I have to say that I haven't had tire wear issues, engine light issues, electrical problems, transmission problems, fuel delivery problems (but, did take the car in for the recall, of course), or any of these issues. I actually cannot believe what I'm reading. The only issue that I have is the squeaky windows, but all they need is to be greased and they're good for another few years... no biggie. And, I've replaced the battery and alternator recently, but expected after all these years. If you take care of your car, it will in turn take care of you. I'm am happy to say since purchasing the Cougar, nearly 9 years ago, all I've done is basic maintenance. I drive hard, but I'm driven to maintain and protect it just as hard.

23rd Apr 2008, 10:19

I too cannot believe what I have been reading. I bought my 1999 Cougar about 6 months ago. It has 125,600 miles on it. I only paid $2000 for it, but the transmition was bad. I rebuilt it myself and it has been running fine sense.

The only issues I have with the car is the problem with the hatch not opening properly and the cup hold is JUNK! The hatch I fixed just by adjusting the latch. The cup holder on the other hand is never used.

As I was reading through the other comments about this car I noticed that 90% of the complaints were to do with regular maintenance. People are complaining of the spark plugs and wires needing to be replaced. Whats next your going to complain that the oil needs to be changed?!?!?!

I saw a few saying that the tires wear out quickly, then they say that it needed an alignment. The tires are wearing out BECAUSE it needed the alignment!

To be fair there was some lagitamate complaints. On person said that they are only getting 18 mpg. Either your calculations are off or there is something wrong. My car is consistently getting 30+ mpg and I am not an easy driver.

8th May 2008, 12:28

I bought a 99 Cougar a little under a year and a half ago, and have nothing but problems with it. It has been sitting in my yard for the past 6 months until recently with a blown transmission. It has a little over 120k on the engine, and it has turned sluggish on acceleration. I have tried the octane boots and cleaners to put into your fuel. No help. Also having the tire wear problem. Yes, I've had it realigned but still no help. The fuel gage on it is off by a hair or two, which is alright with me. No turning issues or anything.

Another problem I've been having is car batteries. I've went through 2 BRAND NEW batteries in less than 2 year.. No idea what to do about that. I now double check to make sure all the lights are out of it before I leave it, interior and exterior.

When I bought it, it had the trunk latch problem, which I can live with.

Even through all of this complaining, I still love the car, when it is running, and love driving it.

8th May 2008, 16:40

Yes, it sounds like a lemon you bought, and yes, all car companies have them. And to be honest, if it were me having problems like that from the get go, I would have gotten rid of it ASAP. You know with problems like that from the beginning, your in for a lot of problems later on.

12th Jul 2008, 19:25

To all those with alternator problems. Check for oil leaks. You will probably find one dripping oil into your alt. and burning it up. Which causes it to slowly go out causing all sorts of other electrical problems.

Has anyone had any problems with their brake lights not working at all? I have checked the fuses, switches, and grounds. Replaced all the bulbs. Can't find a relay, might not have one, don't know. Any suggestions?

29th Jul 2008, 12:20

I have a beautiful red 99 Cougar, with 137,000 miles on it. I agree with the person who said a lot of people are complaining about problems, but aren't doing regular maintenance. Also a lot of people are complaining about SIMPLE issues that cost very little to fix.

Having said that, I have had problems too. It is a fun car, just not the best made ever.

-Yes, my fan switch only worked on high, but I bought the replacement blower motor resistor and replaced the faulty one (located under glove box, in the ductwork. it cost maybe 25 bucks and took 5 minutes. (note this can happen to any car)

-Yes the front seat cup spiller is crap. It would appear that the designers intended it to be used only with a half full medium coffee cup and nothing else... Use the one in the rear seat or deal with it, or install an aftermarket one (cupholder is a design flaw)

-I have had the flickering lights issue and gone thru one alternator and the electrical harness leading to the battery. (design flaw - the harness runs behind the engine and tends to get rubbed and burnt... this causes shorts and flickery lights, and the alternator is buried under the car, making it more susceptible to oil, dirt and water issues)

-The noise on cold starts? -common problem with the cougars its called "moosing" it is caused by resonance in the IAC controller tubing that is emitted back out the intake. Sounds like an angry moose or a fog horn. give it a little gas, or fiddle with the throttle or ignore it.

-The transmission? its not the best. baby it and keep the fluids checked.

-The trunk? yes the latch it miserable and yes the pistons go bad. replace em when they go bad. stretch out the springs every now and then and the hatch lid will pop up like it should, or add another spring to strengthen the ones in it.

-tires wearing too fast? get an alignment done!!! don't hit potholes and maybe get a different tire.

I have not experienced any issues with the windows or fuel pump or some of the other odd issues that some have.

My advice? find a good mechanic and also do some searches on some online cougar forums.