5th Aug 2008, 22:41

99 Cat. I like my cupholder. That's about it.

15th Aug 2008, 16:41

I have a 99 Cougar V6 that I bought in April of 2002. For the first 2 years it was a great car. Alway did routine maintenance, alignment, tire rotations, tune-ups. So in the past 3 years one of the arms for my sunroof broke, new battery, alternator, clutch, starter, tons of headlights and fog lights, window motor, 3rd gear syncro or slider broke and my a/c clutch went out. I have never had so many problems with one car. I also get that loud fog horn sounding noise at start up... only during the cold months though. The windows are pretty loud. I have actually gotten used to the cup holder. I use it everyday. The trunk latch sticks a little, but I don't use the trunk much. It also seems like it cost a fortune to get any kind of work done. I will be trading this car in. I should have done this a long time ago.

18th Aug 2008, 14:04

I have a 99' Cougar that my parents got for me when I was a sophomore in high school. It did what we wanted it to, but not without some minor irritations.

The check engine light has been on for the full 4 years that I've had the car. The break light turned on and never turned off again 3 months after I got it.

It seems the trunk door of the car is too heavy or something because the door will reclose and lock if not opened right away.

There has always been a bad synchro in 3rd. (The car had 100,000mi on it when I got it.)

Whenever I fill my gas tank more than 3/4 full, the entire passenger compartment smells like I dumped gas on the seats instead of in the tank.

All of those problems were pretty minor and I could live with them.

I learned to ignore the warning lights.

I don't use the trunk unless completely necessary.

I've readjusted my shifting so that 3rd syncs before I let it engage.

I never fill my gas tank more than 3/4 full.

Simple. I can live with it.

Now that I've moved 1100 miles away from home, though, the problems have suddenly gotten worse.

The synchro in 3rd grinds almost every time I shift into 3rd.

First grinds and pops out when I try to start.

The engine has developed a terrible smell like it's getting ready to burn.

The gas tank now causes the car to smell EVERY time I get gas.

The locking system has failed completely.

Now, if I want to open my trunk, I have to do this awkward fuse-in, push button, fuse-out, teamwork circus act to get it open, and that act causes the car alarm to go off.

These new problems are a bit more serious and a lot less livable. I want to get rid of the car, but I don't think I can get enough money for it to get a new car. Since I'm in school, I probably will be living with it until the trans goes completely.

I know that these problems are not related to service and the previous owners wrote down every service with the date and miles and I've continued that. This car has been taken care of.

I love the looks, but hate the car.

24th Aug 2008, 16:27

I agree with all on the death trap that we all purchased because the car looked great on the outside.

My wife actually bought the car a year before we got together. Before we paid for the vehicle, the blower motor and blower motor switch went out, which cost an arm and leg, one of the remotes stopped working, the fuel filter had to be replaced, and we had to replace some resistors.

Two months after finishing paying for it, the fly wheel and starter had to be replaced, and what amazed me is that the motor had to be pulled to do it.

The spark plugs and wire had to be changed, which I was use to doing with my vehicle, but could not on this one.

The fly wheel had teeth missing again.

The alternator went out twice.

The tie rod and power steering had to be replaced.

A/C went out again, and when I took it in to get it checked, the mechanic told me the cheapest way to fix it was to sell it. He had the car three days and worked long and hard and could not get it running again. He told me no charge because he has never failed at fixing cars in 12 years until he got ours.

The transaxle light is now on and it is starting to lose power, the gauges and speedometer don't work.

I tried to convince my wife to sell it after the first 1500 dollar repair fee, but she was set on keeping it and we have put another paid for vehicle into repairing this one when I look back on the repair cost. She finally bought into selling when she was told it would take 5000 dollars to fix the catalyst converter, since they have three under there and 2000 to fix the electrical system. She thinks we can still get 3000 for it now with all the issues. I will settle for just getting back the cosmetic cost we put in.

We had to buy a new set rims because it was cheaper than buying one rim to match the other alloy cougar rims. Ford should send everyone a tolerance check for just owning one of those cars.

26th Aug 2008, 17:45

Owner of 99 v6 cougar. Just wondering if anyone knows where the heck the starter is?


10th Sep 2008, 04:43

I have had my Cougar since December of 1998 and while I haven't had quite as many problems as those that I've read, (maybe because I only have 75,000 miles on it) I definitely have had my share of problems NOT due to poor maintenance.

I think my car is ready for me to replace it's alternator for the 3rd time. If I don't drive it for 4 days or more it is usually dead. I get the battery checked (which I have replaced twice) and that is fine. I just replaced the alternator in June of 2007 and now another one? I only drive like 7500 miles a year.

I too have had the trunk strut woes but just paid out and replaced them.

I have had a fog light that consistently burns out within 2 days of replacing it. Dealership said it would cost a lot and take a long time for them to check the entire line for any shorts. OK...

I have an overhead "Light Out" signal that is always illuminated but goes off every time I hit the brakes...huh?

I hate the cup-holder as well after each spill of countless beverages it ruined a bunch of cassettes (hey it was 1998/99) and anything else I had sitting around the center console. I bought a cheap cup holder that you cram between the seat and the center console and never a spill since.

I have a different start noise issue (or "false-start" issue) that I have had since the very first year. Occasionally (+/- twice a month) I will go to start my car and I will get a screech noise and no start. Everyone who hears it says my starter is going but it continues to live and not seem to be getting worse almost 10 years later.

I, too have gone through more tires than I expected and yes I have alignments, so I think it is just a design flaw somehow. I have also gone through more brake maintenance than what I view as typical.

But overall the alternator / battery biz is killing me.

Sorry for the huge post, just frustrated.