3rd Nov 2005, 19:19

I currently own a 99 mercury cougar that I have had for about 3 years. while I have had some minor problems with my car its still a great car. it has about 80,000 miles on it and every mile has been driven HARD. I still have the original engine transmission and even clutch (which is starting to have slippage). I have many modifications done and will continue to do more with my great looking car. Things that I have had problems with is the engine light never going off, alternator, sunroof, and suspension problems. not complaining too much.

8th Nov 2005, 13:59

I also have had the same problems with my 99 cougar. The check engine light is STILL on after the alternator, catalytic converter, the ERG valve, AND sensors were replaced. I have also had it "reprogrammed." All in all I have put over a $2,000 dollars into repairing my car to find out its trade value is only a little over a $1,000. I am paying more for insurance than my car is worth and it will not pass inspection!

17th Nov 2005, 11:36

Now I wonder *What was I thinking??* I have owned my 1999 Cougar for 3 years. Like others I have put huge amounts of money into this car- replacing catalytic converter- ERG valves (twice), DPFE, intakes, etc... and have pretty much driven the car for 2 1/2 years with the engine light on! Every time the tech's read the computer it comes up as *running lean*. Just recently replaced gas filter- but engine light came back on after 3 days. Now car pings (have always used premium grade fuel) and bucks and shudders when going up hills or whenever the car needs power- I also get a *burnt* exhaust smell when this happens. Any ideas??? Can someone help us all- I think it is pretty unusual that this is not a Mercury Recall issue- why do we all have the same problems??? My mechanic is throwing up his hands!!!

19th Nov 2005, 11:17

My fiance has a 99 cougar and has had to replace the alternator 5 times, the battery 3 times, had the engine mounts and positive ground wire replaced. He also had to replace the power steering rod cause the way it is set, the heat put a whole in it and it would start smoking. He has already put probably $1000+ in it and now, the car will turn over, but will not start up completely... anyone ever have this problem? How did you correct it? E-mail me at Peaches3401@msn.com and let me know if you have a solution and how much it cost. Thanks.

28th Nov 2005, 13:30

Reading these posts has been a revelation re. my beast of a car.

My '99 cougar idles rough while warming-up. I saw several posts with that same issue, but I didn't see any specific solutions.

I'd appreciate any ideas anyone might have. Please post or mail me back at greg.hutch@gmail.com.


3rd Dec 2005, 17:22

I also have an 99 cougar, and now the car won't start. I put the key in the ignition and it doesn't move, it feels like it's locked. Any ideas what's the cause?

4th Dec 2005, 14:21

I also own a 1999 Cougar, and have had the same problems as everyone else. I spent $1,500 dollars to repair the car for emissions testing, finally passed, only to have the check engine light come on less than a month later. I have replaced the engine which controls the window which stopped working less than 7 months later. Currently, I am replacing my alternator which I was told will cost close to $600 dollars due to the poor design of the Cougar's engine compartment. I wish Mercury would step up and take responsibility for building this car, and HELP us!

10th Dec 2005, 19:37

I also own a 99 cougar. I have replaced the alternator and just recently replaced the battery. My check engine light has never came on, but just recently I was driving and my car lost most of its power including the lights went out, the gauges went dead, and I had some power surging. I wish my dad would have just sold this car to someone else besides me. I think it is a very good looking car, but anymore problems I will be selling this car. Any comments on my problems please respond.


14th Dec 2005, 23:16

Okay, I also have a 99, and I also have all the same problems. I've done the alternator, ERG, mass air sensor, air intake hose, fuel pump, ugh.. what else?? Has anyone figured out what to do?

6th Feb 2006, 23:04

I have owned my 99 Cougar for almost 2 years now. However, after about owning it for about 9 months, it broke down on the off ramp. It took awhile for it to start back up. I was able to get home which was 5 miles away. Months later, I was informed by a mechanic that it had thrown a rod bearing which in turn bent a couple of piston. It also tore up the crankshaft. Because this car has sentimental value, I do intend on getting it fixed.

14th Mar 2006, 16:41

I have had a 99 cougar for about 6 months, and have had next to no problems. The only thing right now is getting the alternator replaced because my battery light keeps coming on. One of my dash board lights went out. If anyone knows an easy way to replace either of those, please let me know (1sharpc@gmail.com). I have been reading the comments and feel very lucky. I think one reason I have not had many problems, is because it is a manual transmission, and a 4 cylinder. Also, the person I bought it from took very good care of it. I like it personally. Of course, I have only had it for 6 months, so we'll see where it goes from there.

20th May 2006, 19:36

I have a 99 Cougar and I like the car a lot, except I've had to put 2 timing belts on it. I am also confused because when I do a tune up on the car, there's oil in the spark plug - not in, but around it, a large amount???. Also I am in need of a clutch and I've heard it's expensive "sigh" Oh well.

22nd May 2006, 21:27

I've had my 99 coug for 4 years and only had to replace the battery twice and am in the middle of the stupid alternator. I am in utter disgust over this design. I will never buy another Ford or Mercury product that has front wheel drive that's for sure. Everything else has been good besides a little rough idling in the mornings once in awhile.

2nd Jun 2006, 06:22

I have had a 99 Cougar for 3 years now. Where do I start, my engine light has been on all 3 of those years, when you hook the car up to the computer it said "insufficent cat" well... to pass emissions all you simple do is have your mechanic clean the throttle body and a couple other sensors and it SHOULD pass emissions. Today actually my front passenger side wheel started making a funny noise, I think it may be a CV Joint or a Wheel Bearing. To add to my general problems with this car, if the valves are tapping, try using 93 or 94 octane and some octane booster, I've had to suffer through the bad gas prices with this car I can't wait until it's paid off because it is going bye bye!! :)