6th Jun 2006, 13:28

I have a 1999 Cougar, I bought it 2 yrs ago. 66000 miles when bought and in 18 months I had 118000 miles on it. It developed a leak at about 100000, under the right end of the motor. I was vigilant in checking the oil level, but it got away from me do to increase in the volume it was leaking. I was down 1.5 qts. I filled it back to normal level and lost a rod bearing later that weekend. I have been around a lot of engines and have never seen one loose that much oil pressure that fast. Is this a fatigue issue anyway with the 2.5L motor?

7th Jun 2006, 07:11

I had my 99 V6 2.5 liter engine cougar for 7 years and now the check engine is always on. Ford service department give me code of P0445 which is some kind of leak, which they could not find. When they reset the computer the light goes out and when I drive the car in raining weather the engine light comes back on. If anyone have this problem or solve this problem write back to the list service.

8th Jun 2006, 16:33

Looks like there is a lot of negative comments about the 1999 cougar. I bought mine about 4 years ago with 42K miles on it. The problems I have had are in similar too many mentioned on this site. I now have 95K miles on it. I have had to replace the sunroof motor, did that one myself, part cost around $80. I had a weird problem where my gear shift got stuck in 4th gear. The bolt in the transmission broke off while I was in 4th and the gearshift was just loose. If any of you know, transmission work is expensive. I had a freak accident where I ran over something entering the freeway and it kicked up into my transmission case and cracked it open, lets just say that was a $2k unfortunate accident. I had the check engine light come on for the performance valves being stuck in open or close. I had those fixed, apparently the clips that open and close those valves had broke. I just now recently have the check engine light on again, this time I am getting the O2 sensor running lean code. As well as O2 responding slowly code (bank 2). I have been informed that sometimes the MAF sensor will get dirty, especially if I use some sort of oil for my filter, which I do. I have a performance filter in that has not been cleaned since installation. Also I have been told to check or replace the O2 sensor, and run some fuel additive to help the fuel injectors. I do have a slight leak at the oil pan.

I have to say in reading all these comments I am lucky I don't have the alternator problems, Knock on Wood, or most of the other problems. The only thing that really bugs me about this car is when I step on it, sometimes around 5RPM

My car will loose power, almost like I did a down shift to slow down.

Looks like the common problems are the Sunroof, O2 sensors, MAF sensor, tires wearing out quickly (mine do wear out in the front kind of fast), alternator going out.

All in all I dont really hate or love my car. I do try to take care of it, regular oil changes, air filters, plugs, etc. With any used car you can expect to put almost $1000 into every year. Maybe I should re-phrase that to “any American car”. I just want to make to 160k miles, then I will feel I have got the most out of the car.

8th Jun 2006, 21:37

I too have a 99 Mercury Cougar with 94k miles on it. I just bought the car today actually. I was driving it home and the check engine light came on. I'm not positive as to what time it came on, but when I noticed it, it was right after I drove through a puddle.

Another bit of information is that I went to put some gas in it and the pump kept clicking as though it were full. My brother used to work at a gas station and he says that sometimes that filling the tank and replacing the cap can make the CE light come on. Any opinions??

12th Jun 2006, 04:13

That problem with the gas pump shutting off while filling the car with gas is a known issue. A dealer will replace that filler tube or whatever it is for free. They will probably have to order the part, but when you come in for installation you will probably want to make sure very little gas is left in the tank. The dorks at the shop I went to said the 1-2 gallons I had in the tank was too much.

Another freebie upgrade is the dust boot on the headlights.


14th Jun 2006, 12:21

Well gang, doesn't seem like the problems have been fixed in the 2002 model either! I just bought a 2002 Cougar and guess what? The moment I signed the papers and pulled off the lot, the engine light came on! I had Auto Zone to pull the code, and... ERG valve. I haven't even made the first car payment more or less trying to get car repairs! I am petrified! What do I do?

14th Jun 2006, 17:54

OK so my timing belt shredded again, fourth one in 17k miles!!! Each time over $500.

It was at a repair shop for 2 weeks and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. I called the guy to see what was going on, and he told me to come pick up the car and not to ever bring it back as he wasn't going to fix it again... no one can seem to figure out why I'm losing timing belts. I can't even get it on the road enough to trade it in.

Other than the timing belt, no other problems thank god. So a little advice, no one ever buy a cougar, they are pieces of crap. If you can help, email me at ryan_48162@yahoo.com

16th Jun 2006, 10:22

I have a red 99 mercury cougar. At first my car was the bomb. The second day I got it I was trying to semi race it. But I quickly learned that this little Honda V4 had better take off than I did. I have a V6 2.5 liter engine so I did tell me parents right away because I wanted the car. The car now is about 3 years old. I got it on valentine's day, it was sitting outside after soccer practice.

Now 2006, I have had to replace the starter, alternator, fly wheel, two batteries, a few belts. I am having problems with my car starting up. It does this "skeeter" noise. At this current moment I am in the process of getting some work done on it. I am not sure what it wrong. But non the less I love my cougar it fits my personality and red it my favorite car.

In spite of all the problems it is the same thing with most cars even if you buy them new. I have three other cars and two of them are not American. so it is not just American cars. Cars are not built to last forever or even a while. When companies build cars they build every part of the car multiple times. It is a never ending story of your car. IF your are having problems too let me know I work on cars.