17th Feb 2007, 14:18

I have a 99 cougar, check engine light has been on for the past four years, sunroof does not open all the way, had alternator replaced four times, turn signals don't work the mercury dealership told me the part costs $190.00 at first I was disapointed with the car, but now I really hate it and can't wait to get rid of this stupid thing.

18th Feb 2007, 22:01

Wow. I have a 1999 Cougar V6 2.5L and have been happy with it as a car. I had a few service issues, and one lately that still has me and the mechanics baffled. Here they are:

1) 5 or 6 recalls that I know of, fixed for free at the dealer. Seems a lot to me, but it was my first NEW car where I received these recall notices... so maybe not?

2) Had to change the alternator TWICE... got about 3 years from each (original, and the one the dealer put in). After the last install (by small town mechanic) my dash lights and headlights dim/flicker/pulsate...not sure if it's poor replacement alternator or if it's something now wiring harness related (as another post here states problems with).

3) I had the P0171 and P0174 too lean codes on my car; 1st time I changed Mass Air Flow sensor myself, lasted 1 year, had it again with Rough idle/died at stop lights... took it in and changed UPPER AND LOWER INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKETS (about 115000 miles, 7 years old)...seemed to do the trick.

4) I had my sun/moon roof rails bind up and break... was still under warranty. It bound up tight and they had a heck of a time getting it popped open. Replaced rails, instructed me to use a WHITE GREASE to lube the rails (generously) and check it periodically and reapply. My suggestion: if you hear any grunting/grinding noises, however low (other than motor sound to open) then you NEED TO LUBE YOUR TRACKS... or it will eventually bind up/break.

5) TIRES, seem to wear a lot on the rear. On this car you either need to rotate tires REGULARLY or NOT AT ALL (because if you don't do it for awhile then you rotate, I got a flat spot/thumping which caused vibration... kind of a pain. I didn't notice any vibration issues until I did the first tire rotate 10's of thousands of miles in to them...oops!)

6) The current issue: Car was running fine, visiting folks, tried to start after sitting for two days and THE CAR WOULD CRANK AND TURN OVER, but NOT START (never would get up to idle). Mech said the spark plugs were 'fuel soaked'...duh, I tried it several times... but that means we WERE GETTING FUEL, eh? They changed plugs and even spark plug wires, magically it started just fine...3 weeks later it WOULD NOT START with same symptoms (after driving it to work just fine, would not start at lunch time). A different group looked at it, but it STARTED JUST FINE FOR THEM AFTER SITTING ON THEIR LOT (was towed) FOR THE WEEKEND. One more week went by, IT WOULD NOT START... ALWAYS THE SAME SYMPTOMS (cranks, turns over, just doesn't seems to combust and get up to idle...I'm thinking ELECTRICAL PROBLEM)... HOWEVER... I let it sit for 2 days and IT STARTED JUST FINE. Bad thing is I can't trust the car to take it far from home anymore since I don't know if it will magically 'not start' on me. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE OR can you suggest what to look for?

I had a shop run full diagnostics on it, but since it ran for them just fine everything showed GOOD and passed. They found something about some C120 connector or something online and cleaned up it and some other connectors (but it failed to start 1 week later as mentioned above).

Really, overall for 7+ years my problems have been MINOR save what's happening now (it's affecting my lifestyle/where I feel I can drive to).

Anyway, there are my comments for the review/survey. If anyone has more details about the mysterious NO-START problem please email me: blademan33@insightbb.com.

20th Feb 2007, 11:29

I have recently bought a Mercury 2000 cougar V6 and suddenly it's check engine light came on. I have read reviews, but there seems no sure shot solution to this problem. I am sick of seeing this light. Does any one have an idea how to unplug that light because I know it's going to stay forever.

23rd Feb 2007, 00:17

For those of you having alternator problems, try running a jumper wire from the red wire on the alternator plug to the output terminal on the alternator. The dealer said there was suposed to be a recall on this, and that's the same thing the dealer I took my car to did to fix my problem.

26th Feb 2007, 18:22

"1. Service Code P1744: Torque converter clutch stuck in off position (rebuild tranny = $ 2300 +/-) "

Whoa! That sounds like a "chain store" price. Shop around at the independent shops. I had my transmission rebuilt at a private shop for $591, including a new torque converter, after Aamco quoted me $1,200.

1st Mar 2007, 10:43

I have a 1999 v6 cougar. ir is is great shape i.e. no mechanical problems... however the check engine light won't turn off. in the manual it suggests getting better fuel, gas cap was left off... all problems relating to the gas. I have got higher quality fuel and I know I always put the gas cap on. what could the problem be?!?

14th Mar 2007, 23:23

Does any one know what to do to fix the alternator problem? I'm on my fourth one. rexshows@hotmail.com

22nd Mar 2007, 20:51

I hate I ever got this car call the 1999 mercury cougar i have had nothing, but trouble trouble with this car you name it I have had it.

26th Mar 2007, 00:29

Wow that sucks for all you guys with the problems I've had my 99 cougar with 150k on it and havent had a problem yet, it runs great and I haven't replaced anything, I guess I got a lucky one.

28th Mar 2007, 11:21

I have just purchased a 1999 cougar for my daughters 16th birthday. I paid 2500.00 As is, I hope I do not have to take out a loan to pay for the E-Test and Certification.

The Engine light is on and the moon roof is broken.

23rd Apr 2007, 12:56

I have a 1999 Cougar that has 89,000 miles on it. I bought it when it had 65,000 miles on it and have only had to replace the fuel pump on it. My check engine light came on yesterday and the dealer says it is an O2 sensor, and they need to clean out the fuel injectors. They gave me an estimate of $575. Is this a rip off? Or should I just ignore the check engine light (because a lot of people that have this car say it never goes away)?

24th Apr 2007, 00:35

Yes sounds like an O2 sensor I would imagine.

As for $575 which is roughly £280.

That is a rip off! do not get it done there.

All you need is a good haynes manual and some tools you can do almost anything yourself.

24th Apr 2007, 08:23

I purchased my 99 Cougar in 2001, and the check engine light has been on since 2003. I have had the O2 sensors replaced, the gas cap replaced, the entire exhaust flushed and many other repairs and replacements. After extensive research, I found that there is a recall on over 88,000 Cougars for the fuel system and the filter in the fuel delivery module, which was causing my problems. The recall number is 04V421000. Call Ford at 800-392-3676 with your VIN number to see if yours is on the list (I never received notice for mine).

If you are having issues with your battery and alternator, there is a recall for the battery cable being misrouted. For other issues you may be having with your Cougar, check www.recalls.gov, it is possible your problems are a result of factory defects.