23rd Dec 2002, 16:37

I own a 87 cougar 5.0 and I like it except its horrible driving in the winter. I do like how much power this type of engine has and I am looking 2 rebuild it and make it more powerful:) and even being that the car is 13 year old car it still gets 28 miles per gallon for gas mileage which for a v-8 and the age of it its great. so I think I'm gonna try to keep this car living as long as possible.

1st Feb 2003, 03:54

I love my 87 E F I 5-liter Cougar it is a great car on the highway and off the line! With performance induction, headers, dual exhaust and M S D ignition she is a pretty fast car for a heavy body vehicle. Anyone who owns a cougar that is in good shape will know where I am coming from when I say I love my car!!

3rd Jun 2003, 09:12

I have had about 11 Cougars so far. My most recent is a 87 Cougar XR7, leather interior, full digital cluster, radio with graphic equalizer and with a stock "M" code locking rear end. The car has just turned 100K and was owned by an original female owner. Not bad for a 16 year old car. The Cougars have always been great for me and have always like the styling. You just have to love the torque only a V8 can put out with great fuel economy. I have plans on getting the car properly painted as the paint is faded from the elements and time. And talk about comfort, its just so comfy for long hauls. My newer truck, the seats are like a brick when compared to a Cougar. I also have plans on bringing it to shows once I am completed with it. And yes, it will remain almost 100% stock. The V6 Cougars do have some problems over time, mainly the heads or the head gaskets. All of the V6 Cougars I have had did end up needing a head and not just the gasket. Guess I couldn't be that lucky. However, even with this issue at hand would I turn down a Cougar?? Heck no.. As for the XR7 either 87 or 88, get one if you can. I would rate this vehicle an 8.9 out of a 10. My Cougar is garaged in CT. Oh, Don't pass one up..