1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 351 cu. 5.8L V8 from North America


My automotive love affair


Front passenger door handle and lock haven't worked since it was purchased.

Radio station indicator light hasn't worked since bought, and speakers are in rough shape.

Carb needs serious work, possibly replacement.

Definitely needs a good tune up.

Radiator hoses and heater hoses need work.

Leaking oil pan gasket.

General Comments:

The most comfortable and easiest car to drive in the world.

All repairs have been inexpensive and easy to do.

The paint, chrome and rag top are in rough shape, but it shines beautifully when washed good.

An outstanding car through and through, even in the harsh Canadian winter. Starts well all the way down to -25C.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2014

1985 Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0L V8 from North America


Still sexy, solid, and reliable at 22!


Replaced EGR Valve at 50000 miles.

All new rubber at 55000 miles.

New shocks upon purchase.

Gas door line broke, had to pry it open and remove lock mechanism.

Trunk button is broken.

Vinyl interior (eg, steering wheel) stains easily.

General Comments:

I couldn't have asked for a better car for the 900 dollars I paid for it!

Purchased in the Southwest at 48,000 miles. Added new tires and shocks and drove it all the way to Missouri before it started to stall.

It ended up being my fault for changing the oil with synthetic (never do that to any car with more than 30,000 miles, the gunk they warn you about actually fills small holes caused by wear in your engine).

Paid around 350 and got a new EGR valve, distributor cap, all new wiring under the hood. A very easy and affordable car to find parts for.

Talk about dependability, this car drove over fifty miles with nearly no oil!

It's darn near indestructable... I was rearended in this car and was awarded 551 dollars for a new bumper and side door. In the process, two $40,000 dollar German vehicles were completely totalled!

The paint is original and faded, its got dents front to back and now that it's back east its started to rust a bit. Yet apparently its desirable - I was nearly carjacked for it the other day.

Fuel costs aren't great, but a car this size is not meant to be driven fast, so you'll save a little that way.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2007

8th Oct 2008, 12:27

I know what you mean with driving it with very little oil - I drove my 1986 Grand Marquis LS for about 3,000 miles without almost anything in it. It was amazing.

18th Jul 2009, 06:52

I have a Marquis. It's been a real lifesaver, I love driving it. I just put in a new starter, alternator, battery, tires, distributor cap & wires, oil change. I don't have to do anything to it now for two years to come. It's paid for itself.

23rd Sep 2009, 21:38

Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer of car seat covers for these land yachts?

3rd Jun 2014, 21:12

Hello. I have a 1985 Grand Marquis LS with the 302 V8. The front dash was cracked in several places from sun damage, so I started looking around for a custom made cover. The best place I found was the JC Whitney catalog. The cover they made was custom fit and is beautiful. It did take a little while getting to me, but it was worth the wait. Try them.

1985 Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0L from North America


Poor quality through and through


This car has pretty much fallen apart. The glue-on model numbers fell off in 1998. The headliner is shot. The visor fabric is shot. The rear-winder defroster is shot. The passenger power window has never worked. The plastic door lock buttons have all broken off.

Worst of all, the car just won't start in rainy weather. No one can figure it out. The dealer has given up on it. The garage has given up on it. I can't park it in the garage, because I have no room. It's been towed from the street once because it looked like a wreck.

General Comments:

Poor quality through and through. Just what you'd expect from a domestic automaker. They just don't care, since they can sell enough cars to stay in business.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2005

14th Feb 2005, 19:31

First of all, you or the person you bought it off of didn't take care of the car. I owned a '79 Grand Marc and the thing always started for me, and the '84 Caprice wagon I have now actually starts better in the rain and snow than any other weather (still starts up on the first turn though). Second thing, in my personal opinion, domestic cars are safer, cheaper, and more reliable than any import, so get your priorities straight, stay patriotic and buy an American car, and make sure you or the previous owner takes care of it.